How accurate of a port is Street Fighter Alpha 3 on PS1?

Just need to know this because I need a good training mode… just want to try learning this just for kicks(not planning on taking it too seriously… non-existent competition lol)

It’s not that great. Use either the alpha collection for ps2 (change the dip switches too!) or an emu with cheats.

My computer is too weak to handle a PS2 emulator(at least I think)

System Specs: 2.5 Ghz, 1.3 GB of RAM available(My damn security service is sucking up all of my memory resources…1.5 GB alone=srs business), Dual Core…

No he meant an arcade emulator like m.a.m.e or Final Burn Alpha (Fba) etc… => you’ll have the original arcade vers and yeah your system can handle it + you can play it online with…let’s say ggpo :slight_smile:

The roms shouldn’t be too hard to find :stuck_out_tongue:

So the Alpha Anthology for PS2 has better ports of the Alpha games compared to the PSX copies? 'Cause I have both and I wasn’t aware that there was a difference other than the fact that the Alpha Anthology is more convenient since it contains all the games in one disc.

The Alpha Anthology is actually based on the arcade roms. The PS1 versions are ports. They are missing animation frames and have other changes. Like Vism in Alpha 3 is the nerfed home version of it.

Vism isn’t nerfed in the PS1 port, it’s probably the best of the ports because crouch cancel was still intact and characters didn’t get the nerfed they got in later ports. The problem is there are alot of missing frames, alot of load time, wasn’t arcade perfect so it’s trash, well that’s what a purist would say. I find it pretty decent but I can’t stand the loading time. Also, I think the PS1 version is the only version where Dee Jay’s Max out recovery was so fast that it was deemed broken and nerfed to shit in later ports.

How would the dreamcast version work out? Already got 3S to working, and my computer is able to handle a 3D dreamcast game…

EDIT:MvC2 was near arcade perfect so it can’t be too bad… right?

Vism is definitely nerfed in the DC version. You’d have to ask people who really play Alpha 3 what kind of affect it has in the combo system, but at the very least the blow out is smaller and I’m pretty sure crouch canceling is gone.

If your computer can handle a DC emu, just run the arcade rom. You’ll be much happier.

I know I can always run the arcade rom but the infinite life and time cheats don’t quite work out for me… I’d like a dummy that is able to block so I can practice mixups and pressure tactics but I guess the arcade rom is the only thing that is an unchanged version of the game…

shrugs oh well, thanks for your help…

Depends on what you want to practice. If you just want to learn a basic V-ism than any version should be fine. If you want to learn harder V-ism like akuma’s demon flip otg then you gotta use the arcade or PS2 version. If you want to learn crouch/walk cancel and want a dummy that would auto tech if you mess up then PS2 or PSX version is probably the best to do it.

don’t even use dc port of sfa3 just don’t worse port ever on fighting game. sad cause mvc2 and has far has i know sf3 games dc ports are near perfect .

Use FBA Combo instead of MAME. You can do all kinds of stuff in Alpha 3 with that emulator. Infinite time, Infinite health, Infinite meter, and the ability to select any characters and make them motionless, even in Dramatic Battle.

SF3 port of DC is trash like the SFA3 port. It was near perfect in the animation part but they decided to fix and adjust a few stuff (Urien can’t do unblockable) that the arcade purist called bullshit on. The game was also ran in a different resolution than the arcade because CPS3 uses a custom resolution, the DC display 3S with a resolution closest to it. Which made the characters thinner stuff like cross ups required different distances.

Games that are arcade perfect on the DC are usually made on the Naomi engine like MVC2 and CVS1, CVS2. Besides that, they are usually trash.

thanks for clearing that up i knew mvc2/cvs2 were perfect,but wasnt to sure bout sf3.I should thought that most tournys that have sf3 running most of the time run it on ps2. thanks for the info