Houston (Pearland) Player looking to level up

Hi all,
I live in Pearland, near Friendswood, Webster and Alvin.
I’m looking to find people who people to play with and level up and have fun.
I play Injustice, Super Street Fighter 4 AE and Street Fighter X Tekken
PSN Handle: Grave_Intent

Hi Grave, I live in Houston near W. airport and Bellfort. Just moved here recently. Do you know of any arcades or places ppl gather to play. When I get Internet at my place we get go a few rounds in AE.

Well there is Planet Zero, but I must warn you the place is kind of ass. I live almost an hour from there, but I went there once.

I suppose theres no one else here in Houston South that reads these forums… *sigh Oh’ well.

I’m here Buddy. Don’t give up hope. Come out to Pasadena. We are close. Read the following. Hope to see you there.

Oh yeah!!! Payback Thursday’s is going down! Come out this Thursday night. No need to bring your consoles. Leave them. Leave your games and your monitors. Just bring that Vendetta. That Run Back is waiting at GameGuys Houston.

Games starting at 7pm till 1am or later. We have the ok and YES! It’s BYOB. First 10 people play for Free. After that it will be $5 bucks to play. It’s free to watch. There’s plenty of room, snacks, and Internet.

GameGuys Houston:
(832) 413-2349
2111 Pasadena Blvd STE A
Pasadena, TX, United States 77506

Also. Come out and see the surprise. It’ll be like PZ but with out the Shadyness. Ooppppss. I’ve said to much. See you there!!!

I’m B-boy Tekken and I approve this message!!! XP

I might have to check it out sometime. Getting back in the fight scene. I tried to find a list on the website of games to expect. Not much there.
Any places hosting old school fighters like kof 98/00/02, cvs2, etc?

btw, i hope its not like PZ, cause it would be closed…

No. We r not like PZ. lol. Come check it out tonight.

Games will be held again this Thursday. Same time and place. First 10 people play for free. $5 per person after that. Free to hang out. BYOB.

We are having a tourney and will be streaming it as well! This Saturday. FB page. https://www.facebook.com/events/596781103702506/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular