Hotel Tycoon Seeks Rights To The Moon

yeah, because this would benefit the lower classes rather than only the rich, right?

bitch, I own the Sun, come plant a flag on it, if you dare

The article makes it out to be a USA vs China thing. And the 1967 international agreement seems to be focused on military installations, not private companies.

I’m ok with the moon being partitioned off. I don’t think any one entity should own the entire moon. All that would lead to is some sort of conflict. I would rather no one does anything with the moon, but you can’t stop progress.

Nobody on Earth is allowed to own any extra terrestrial property for a multitude of reasons. Mainly because it’s hard to defend your claim, and also because it would be fucking retarded to allow rich people to start buying up planets and shit.

That wouldn’t be progress it would be disastrous.

Sokka’s gf is going to be pissed.

Some nigga’s gonna buy up the moon, then aliens will come it all like pewpew nigga please you think you own this shit?

So basically it’ll be like that episode of Duck dodgers vs Marvin the Martian?

Everything comes to that eventually.

If he buys it I hope Banksy graffitis all over it with a giant lazer :lol:

I don’t have enough money. How do I make more?

Building hotels under water is stupid enough

Katt Williams was right. He knew white people were going to try and go to the moon and leave everyone else on Earf.

Fuck that noise, it’d just be giving all extraterrestial shit to the rich because no-one else can afford to get to it.

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You argue this while offering no alternative. What is the alternative? We go to war to stop China from colonizing the moon? What happens if they just decide to start building on the moon?

Your entire point seems to be “poor people can’t afford planets, so no one should have them”, which is a different issue completely.

there is no alternative, ages ago we decreed nobody could own extraterrestrial land, during the cold war, to prevent idiotic conquest and battle. Do you understand the dangers of allowing a specific country to just have a moon base to launch shit at Earth?

Any colonization we do is as a planet, and not as a country or individual. Anybody seeking to avoid these rules gets to deal with the UN, and likely the rest of the world.

Even trying to own a meteor for mining is something that gets frowned upon. Many people have stated they want to mine asteroids, but the inherent dangers to the rest of the world have forced people/corporations to rethink their plans.

We’re not advanced enough to be doing any of this anyhow.

That makes perfect sense. Can’t say I disagree, as long as the UN is going to back this when it comes down to it.

the UN takes very few things serious enough to actually escalate to war. This would be one of those things though. If China were to start building there, the rest of the UN nations would hit them with so many sanctions and tarriff’s and potentially even assault, it would make their heads spins.

Wanting to go against this UN resolution is literally asking for war.

Forbes describes 3 scenarios for funding the interstellar travel that Stephen Hawking has described as necessary for our survival.

The first two don’t happening anytime soon so at least the 3rd one may yet come to pass. And in any case, it’ll probably lay the groundwork for the technology needed for the first 2 scenarios anyway.