Hotel information for Evolution 2004

We’ve arranged a discount at a great hotel just down the street from Cal Poly, the Shilo Inn. The rate is $80 a night for 4 a four person room. To reserve your room online, click the link below and enter EVOL in the Special Rate Code box. You can also reserve your room by phone at (800) 222-2244. Tell them that you’re attending Evolution to get the special rate.

Since there is another group at the hotel at the same time, rooms are limited, reserve now, and don’t miss out.




Can the hotels accept people that are 17 years old, i need to know beacuse thats the only chance i got to go to EVO,If not can you please try talking to them because me and my friends really want to go and really don’t want to miss it.Being one year younger from being able to go to Evo isnt fair.

                                                                  Thanks :D

if the reservations is made by your parents, and you bring a letter to the shilo inn stating that you parents approve, you will be good to go.

Thanks Man.:smiley:

Does that work if your parents make the reservations online?

yes, just have to bring the letter in person from them.

Or come with someone who’s 18 years old =\

Thanks guys, I’m going to go with the letter thing.

Question for you Cali ppls:

I was planning on being out there on the Sunday b4 the tourneys start (the 25th). You guys know any cheap places to stay for about 4 days till the rest of the CO peeps get there so I can go to the Shilo? Any help is appreciated :smiley:

Also, where would be the place to go and get some practice in during that time? Whats the best arcade/place to go?


is there any rates in which shillo can give a discount for a single person?

i dont know people and looks like i might be the only one coming from my state.

dont wait till the last minute to get a room. there are only a limited number, i dont want people not having a hotel room to go to.
Evo is only 5 weeks away!

Yep. It seems the only available rooms left are in the Hilltop Suites. I hope there are still some good players for CvS2/MvC2/3s in the suites else it’ll suck compared to last year :frowning:

there are still plenty of room left in the regular hotel, you just have to get them online. look at the first post in the thread.

Is it the same price for the suites as it is the regular rooms?

And are there times for when the shuttle will be taking off from Shillo to Cal Poly, cause I read somewhere that there will be shuttles from Shilo to the tournament halls? Is this true and if so what times will they leave and will they also take you back?

One more thing does the person who booked the room have to be present when signing in for the room? Me nor none of my friends going to EVO have the credit card to book the room so we are going to get another friend who isnt going to do it? If the person has to be there is there a way to get the room without him there?


the suite are $20 more i believe
the times for the shuttle still have to be determined by me after i see the final SRK schedule of events.
on the credit card thing, call and ask the hotel, they are more than willing to work with people on certain issues. I know you can get a note from your parents if you are underage if you want to put it on their credit card. Maybe you can do the same thing for this. call them up.

$20 added to each day? So would that make it $100 a day?