Horistore (JP) HRAP2 SA reissue!

Just a heads up, the best PS2 retail stick is getting a re-release.


Unfortunately horistore ships to Japan only, so use forwarding services if necessary.

Thanks bro! Already put in an order request thru Celga!


you are a good man for bringing us this good news.

What’s the shipping cost from celga so I know how much I need to pay for it? I’ve never had to deal with proxy mail before, but I’ve been trying to track one of these down for a long time, so I need to figure everything out in terms of cost and I would appreciate your assistance as you seem experienced with this. I haven’t seen the order request form(I haven’t registered there yet), but it said I need to pay everything up front, so I assume that is when I need to fill out the form(please correct me if I am wrong).

I appreciate your patience and I thank you in advance.

lol, awesome, i’m glad they still make these. i got one from the last reissue earlier this year.

>best Hori

I thought that was HRAP-SE Special Edition?
Seimitsu LS-32 & GX (discontinued) buttons.

Haha, I stand corrected!

I’m not sure right now how much the shipping will be as I’ve never ordered something as large as a stick. At least I won’t have to pay for shipping within Japan, it’s free over 5000 yen from Hori Store.

Oooooo I want one! But I’m gonna guess that shipping is gonna ruin the whole deal :frowning:

Generally $60…

I’ve ordered a stick from Japan (from Akihabarashop.jp).

It won’t be any less if you were to get the joystick through a third part like Play-Asia or a vendor on e-Bay.

International hardware shipping costs are ridiculous!

You might as well mod a Mad Catz or other HRAP with an MC Cthulu if you want to play on a PS2 that badly… 'Twould be a lot cheaper than buying a “limited edition” re-release of a three-year-old joystick…

That is a NICE looking stick.

I’m trying to mod a T5 to be as good as that:D

I finally got mine. Not sure what took Celga so long, but whatever.