HORI Xbox 360 Soulcalibur V Arcade Stick sale Amazon $109 shipped PS3 & 360

I’m not sure if if the Hori website sale is still going on, but Amazon has Hori SCV on sale for 27% off retail

I would not call it a sale really, it was a secret coupon code. you can probably still use the code on the hori site.

Damn, if I had just waited a few days I could have gotten this stick instead of the Hori UMvC3 one, and the artwork would have been easier to change. :frowning:

The Hori website sale is over… The code was good until the end of March.

If you’re still looking to save money, go with the Amazon sale now.

Anyone have pictures of the inside?

Yes, search for my last Post in the respective Thread.
Even the First Page I have Posted.
Last Page, because RoboKrikit.

k. i’ll look. thanks.

Some pics: http://imgur.com/a/g66E5

Thanks. By those pictures if I wanted to make an all button controller I would have some dremilling to do

Here is what i did to mine to allow for my twin sticks to fit with the desired spacing.
My boy dremeled it then i routed it the rest of the way.

P.S. you will be getting your invoice soon. I am just restoring my comp

That’s Buck Rogers cool.

P.S. Thanks for remembering.