Hori Xbox 360 Real Arcade Pro Fighting Stick $67 shipped?

Just saw this on slickdeals. The picture is of an HRAP EX for the 360, but title doesn’t say it. $67 shipped seems like a great deal.


That looks like a good deal to me. The model number is the same as the HRAP-EX on Amazon. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure the stick is a Sanwa JLF but the buttons are Hori. A simple mod to replace the buttons is all the stick needs to have all arcade quality parts.

At this second, it’s probably the cheapest way to get an arcade quality stick (with the mod). Without the mod it’s still a good stick and more reliable than getting an SE Fightstick (IMO).

The solidsignal site says it’s an EX fwiw.

I’m tempted since this version allows for dual mod, if I remember correctly. The newer SE model doesn’t. I agree, swap out the rainbow Hori buttons with Sanwa versions, and you’re good to go.

Unless they changed the pcb, the hrap ex for 360 is not common gnd, so you couldn’t dual mod it (easily).

Excellent price. Good buy imo.

Unless they’ve changed something, any Hori 360 stick is not common ground.

goldenaustin, PCB is non-Common Ground.
No Dual Mod.

All HRAP for Xbox 360 are non-Common Ground.

Even Fighting Stick for Xbox 360 are non-Common Ground.
HORI Fighting Stick EX2.

thanks for the corrections on the common-ground issue. I need to set my facts straight!

Out of curiosity, are the PS3 HRAPs common or non common ground?

Common Ground.