Hori Xbox 360 EX2 Fighting Stick + Extra Sanwa parts

So yeah, as topic says. I bought one of these EX2 Fighting Sticks because I wanted to learn how to use a stick for once (I’m really into SF2 on XBL and SF: Anniversary Edition). When I first got it, I quickly found out what a square gate was and how I didn’t care for it. So I ordered up some good old American-style Sanwa parts (8-way gate, bat stick, and shaft cover).

Well, after I replaced the gates I did notice an improvement but was still dissatisfied with how I keep missing SRK and Hadoken motions… that and my reaction time seems a lot slower than using a regular controller. At this point I’m $75 into this arcade stick and am not feeling any love. Instead of doing the right thing and sticking (haha) with it, I think I’m going to just wait for a nice Saturn-like pad to come out and sell this beast for a new PC part.

What I’m selling: Hori Xbox 360 EX2 Fighting Stick (used for about maybe 4 hours of game time) with original box and stickers unapplied, modded with a Sanwa 8-way gate. Unapplied Bat-stick and shaft, original 4-way square gate (you can switch back to this if you want, if buyer wants I’ll do it for him).

Seller eBay feedback: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=studtrooper

Note: If you’re wondering why I’m selling here instead of eBay, I just thought it would be good to start in a community that knows what the hell “gates” and “Sanwa parts” even are :rofl:

I accept PayPal or Postal Money Orders (checks OK if you’re willing to wait for clearance from my bank before I ship).

I’m thinking $55 shipped maybe?

$55 shipped sounds good to me.

pm me the paypal info and ill get right on it.

PM sent :smiley:

done and done :slight_smile:

only took 20 min

nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you sir!

Oh why i didn’t see this before urth :looney:

damn straight lol. This forum is the only thing that keeps me sane during work o_O. I live on the trade forums Mon-Sat O_O.