Hori wii Fighting stick question

Okay, so I just went to evo and had a paddle with em the whole time while playing some pps and got some funky looks from a few and was question by many on why I didn’t have a stick.

So, I decided to get a cheap 30 dollar wii hori stick and I bumped into a guy that gave me a cthulhu sticker and told me that I should make it so that my new stick could support multiple platforms. I thought it was a great idea so I was reading around here on shoryuken and found that I need a MC cthulhu chip in order to have multi platform function.

The thing I noticed it doesn’t seem to supposr the Wiimote input as an RJ45 input, so is there any way I could make it so that I have my stick work the wiimote, PS3, Xbox360, PC, and GameCube? If so could someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance

I’m a newb myself when it comes to these things, but one thing I do know is that you’d need a pcb board for each non-wii system you want to incorporate. This place is a site that has has a toodles board

Lizard Lick Amusements - Boards

You could in theory get that and a pcb board from an xb360 controller. You’d still have to solder and wire everything together. You’d also need some way to switch out inputs depending on which system you want to use it with. Solder will cost you $10 from radio shack (use rosin only). You can get a soldering iron from $5-$20. The wiring job is going to cause you headaches. Actually, I don’t even know if you can wire so many together. You can probably get the ps3.PC one with the wii one. Adding the xb360 one… maybe. I don’t really know.

MC Cthulhu will work for Wii games that have Gamecube controller functionality (But it will also function as a PS3, Xbox 1, PSX, and PS2 controller). TvC IS gamecube controller compatible PiiWee works as a completely functional Wii controller (You will be able to browse the menus from your stick). ChImp, however, can switch between a PS3 and xbox 360 controller (Note, 360 Printed Circuit Board aka PCB required, but a ChImp is a fully functional PS3 board) without any switches. If you wanted to triple mod, You’d want to get an MC Cthulhu, Imp (a switch that changes between two circuit boards by holding down a button on startup) or DPDT switch, and 360 PCB. This is your best bet if you want PC, Wii (through gamecube support, will not be able to use as a replacement to a wiimote), gamecube, and a 360 all in one package.

However, if someone could tell me the wii equivalent wires to Data + and Data ?, then I could detail how to triple mod it with full Wii functionality (Works on all Wii games as a Classic controller AND is able to navigate the home page). Would require ChImp, DPDT switch (Or Imp), 360 PCB, and a PiiWee. (To technical personnel: using ChImp output as the Data± for 360 and PS3, then using the switch to switch to PiiWee) Only drawback is it will be a classic controller. I don’t personally know if a classic controller works in Gamecube mode of a Wii. I want to say “Well, it makes sense, so I think so.” But I don’t own a Wii, and I have enough gamecube controllers that I would never buy a classic controller anyways.

Note:Both ChImp and MC Cthulhu boards work on PC.

Also, the RJ45 input is just a useful way the community makes the controller extensions for MC Cthulhu set ups. We typically make our own RJ45>console/USB wires.

Do note, if you’re ready for it, it’s gonna get technical!

You cannot combine SCL and SDA of the Wii cable to the Data+ and Data- of USB cable.
So I guess that is the equivalent.

If want to use a Wii Extension Cable with RJ-45, then do it with an Imp.

Technical is what I’m all about; so what I’m going to need is:

Chimp board
MC Cthulhu board
PCB via Xbox 360 controller (in other words by a 360 controller and tear it apart)

Do I need to get the Chimp Terminal?

Well thats all i think if I left anything out let me know I do want this MC gig to work out nicely.
so has anyone ever done this sort of setup before?

Oh another question that comes to mind, whats the difference between an Imp and Chimp board?

Cthulhu, Multi-Console Cthulhu, ChImp; all those are PlayStation 3 PCB.

But you listed both ChImp and Multi-Console Cthulhu.
Does that mean you just want the Multi-Console Cthulhu for the Gamecube support?

Difference between Imp and ChImp?

That is because they are nothing the same.
The Imp is a Switch, the ChImp is PlayStation 3 PCB.
ChImp is a Cthulhu with an Imp on the same PCB, and added Automatic Detection of Console.

So is the ChImp for use to Dual Mod with an Xbox 360 Controller PCB?
The ChImp will do the Automatic Detection of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.
Then the Imp will be used to Switch for Multi-Console Cthulhu so you can use Gamecube?

Is that what you are trying to do?

Didn’t think it was possible. If only Nintendo would let us tap into those darned USB ports they put on the wii…

with as many hacks I’m surprised it hasn’t been done on the wii just yet, well I messaged toodle hopefully he can clarify some last details and once I got that I’ll post my end results of my mod on my fighting stick

You need to triple mod a PeeWii board, a MC Cthulhu, and and Xbox 360 board into one stick.

One Idea I suggest is to use a DB-25 port and make a project box stick.
The lost art of project box sticks - Blogs - Shoryuken

I think I am going to write up a tutorial on making a project box stick soon.

Toodles does not like to do Private Messages.
It is better to ask in a Thread, so that everyone can benefit.

oh so I’m goign to need the PeeWii board too? lol now I’m wondering if I’m going to be able to fit all of this into that hori stick XD

I’m keeping my fingers crossed jdm714 but if he doesn’t replay within the day I’ll just send him the link to this thread and hope he replys

Multi-Console Cthulhu for Gamecube.
PiiWee for Wii.

There’s very little room in the Hori Wii stick case. There are good converters to go PS2>PS3/Wii/Gamecube. When I decided I wanted one stick for tournament situations, I built a PS2 stick and then bought the necessary converters.

I know gummowned has made a triple wireless stick (Wii, PS3 and 360) you might wanna pm him

What rtzdign is referring to is by building your stick without a PCB inside, then using project boxes (basically, any kind of plastic box you can fit a PCB inside), and using a DB-25 connector (looks a lot like a VGA wire) to connect your project box stick to a PCB in a box. Its major advantage is being able to use across all systems with practically any PCB, and leaving you a lot of room inside of your stick if you want to cram in some complicated LED mods or something. Disadvantage is that you’ve got an empty stick that requires you to bring and make a box for every system you want to use, plus it can make it a bit light (but you have plenty of room for weights!)

Using a project box stick is the only way you’ll get a stick that’s “natively” 360/wii/PS3. You can, however, get a stick that is 360/PS3/Gamecube (but will require a WiiMote to launch games.) Or you can get converters. With an MC Cthulhu, most good converters I’ve seen are PS2/PSX>other based, so you’ll be covered with an MC.

Whoa, Gummowned never ceases to stop modding. I bet he could fit all of that into a namco stick XD.

just realized I should of gone with an xbox 360 hori, it would of saved me the money of buying an xbox 360 controller; oh well no use in crying over spilled milk since the wii hori pcb is garbage, so another question just poped up, how do you connect joystick to the pcb? the buttons ar simply, but I’m lost when it comes to the joystick.

Also whats with this RJ45 mod I see on alot of pps sticks, how does that work?

No it would not have.
Because the PCB from HORI for Xbox 360 would not be Common Ground.

You need all PCB to be Common Ground to be able to link them together.
So you getting an Xbox 360 HORI will require you to replace the PCB.

Are you going to use the stock Joystick?
There are eight Terminals total for Joystick; four is Ground, four is Signal.
You can just solder eight wires, two for each Microswitch, just like how you do Buttons.

Or, if you want, you can Daisy-chain the Grounds together.
Then there be five wires; four is Signal, one is Ground.
Just solder to PCB like normal.

Using a Sanwa or Seimitsu Joystick with Wire Harness?
Same thing.

For the Buttons, you can Daisy-chain the Grounds also.


wait… so do need to buy like an oem microsoft wired controller or can it be a cheap 20 dollar gamestop wired controller for the pcb?

for the moment I’m planing on using the stock joystick as I want to get a some exp in stick wire modding before replacing parts as I feel the wiring is the most important part or stick modding in general

oh and thanks for the RJ45 tut that thing is amazing

Get a madcatz 4716. It’s better than the microsoft controller, in the fact that the triggers are common ground, while the Microsoft’s controller triggers are not.

Btw, jdm, you may like my new sig ;D.

You can’t use a Wired Microsoft Controller, they are not Common Ground.
The Early one is a Matrix, the Late one is a Common Ground.

The only Common Ground Microsoft Controller is the Late Wireless one.

For Common Ground Xbox 360 Controllers, get:
Mad Catz Street Fighter IV FightPad
Mad Catz #4716, 2008/2009
Mad Catz Retro Arcade

Nerrage, I see your Signature.