Hori T5 panel layout + Sanwa screw-ins = button interference?

Hey guys, the box I built with the Vewlix layout + Seimitsu screw-ins barely had any clearance between the nuts that secure the buttons in a few places. My question is, will I have clearance issues between the Sanwa’s button nuts while using the Hori T5 panel layout? Will I have to order Seimitsu nuts when I order the buttons as well?

I would like to know so if I needed to, I can order all of the parts before hand. It seems like the shops are pretty busy still and I can save money and time by ordering everything at once. Thanks

Oh hell yes you’ll have that problem on a T5 panel. Just get snap ins, all problems are solved.

I have Seimitsu screw-ins and they work fine.

Oh no, I don’t have a hori T5. I want to use that panel layout on a stick I’m gonna build.

On the Vewlix layout, it looked like 2, maybe 4 of the nuts would have interference problems, would anyone think this is the case with the Hori T5 layout? I don’t wanna order 8 nuts when I’d only need 4. Thanks again!!