Hori sc5/doa stick compatible joysticks

Is the hayabusa compaitable with this stick. Ive tried googling but came up short with info.

Here is the official compatibility listing from hori
Keep in mind this image was taken from the Hori Japanese website with Google Translate was in play

And I know this is hard to decipher. And this image is no way a begin all end all, its just Hori official listings.

For Hori’s RAP lineup, anything that compatible with a Sanwa JLF since the Hori real arcade Pro V3 and VX Pro sticks for the PS3 and Xbox 360 are compatible with the Hayabusa.

The Hrap 3 for PS3 (early or late types) and the Hrap EX (early and late types) are not compatible as they don’t have common ground PCBs despite having a Sanwa JLF.
The Hrap EX’s JLF lacks the TP-MA PCB and instead has individual switches. The Hrap 3 for the PS3 just needs so mod work.

its as if my arcade stick doesnt exist on the internet or nobody has tried to fit an hayabusa in it.

It is not that, it that Hori never made their naming scheme very clear. It’s worst that people often mislabel Hori sticks on various websites.
I have to many times remind people there no such thing as a Hori Real Arcade Pro 5, that the V stood for Vewlix and not a roman numeral 5.
Hori’s naming scheme confuses even the professionals here, we often need to post a photo of the stick to get others to understand what stick were even talking about.

If you know the serial model number on your stick you can compare it to the chart.
I had to so some searching to get these serial numbers, I got them from the photos of the Boxes they are sold in.

The Hori Real Arcade Pro Soul Calibur V stick is model number HP3-109 (PS3) or HX3-74 (360)
The Hori Real Arcade Pro DOA 5 stick for the PS3 is HP3-150
Other Hori Sticks that share the same body/shell type are also compatible.

They are all listed on the Chart as Real Arcade Pro. N Type and are compatible with the Hori Hayabusa.

Electrically, it is compatible.
The mounting holes probably work as well.
Where you MIGHT run into some issues is physical fit: the Hayabusa has a larger main body and mounting plate than the JLF. Depending on how the joystick mounting area is done on the casing, you might run into some plastic clearance issues on the sides.

Well let me clear up my findings to a nice summary

The Hori SOULCALIBUR V 5 and Dead or Alive 4 arcade sticks (models HP3-109, HX3-74 and HP3-150) are all compatible with the Haybusa joystick according to Hori.

As Freedom Gundam said any stick that house a Sanwa JLF are very likely compatible with the Hayabusa although some sticks will require some modifications to fit.

It fits like it’s supposed to be there. Buy with confidence.

Thanks guys I went and purchased it with an kowal actuator but there was a warning if you use those items together?

I would of tried the joystick stock before getting the Kowal actuator. The Kowal actuator is known to catch on the gate of the Hayabusa.

I prefer the over sized actuators from Paradise Arcade Shop instead, the shape of the bell is different as it strikes the tabs on those switches with the same angle as the stock actuator.

I only went with the kowal because I had it before with a sanwa so i was taking a slight risk with my purchase. i was going to initially use it stock but i may also look into the paradise arcade shop actuator.

Fuck a Kowal Actuator.

The hayabusa finally arrived yesterday but i didnt get to play with it much but today I gave the stick some extensive use with matches in sfv and alpha 3 and i gotta say its real lovely. Idk what it is that sets it apart from a jlf but overall im digging the smoothness. Also replaced stock spring with a 1.5 spring. Thanks for the help guys I appreciate it.