Hori Real Arcade Pro VX SA KAI Shaft Cover question

Hi, I’ve never had a fight stick before and I was wondering if the shaft cover is supposed to loosely move clockwise/counter-clockwise so easily on my Hori stick. The stick works fine so I just wanted to know if this would cause any problems.

Thanks for the help!

As long as your balltop isn’t loose, then yes.

They’re supposed to rotate…

That’s how they keep people from stealing balltop handles so easily in arcades.
If the shaft cover didn’t rotate, the thief could hold the shaft and screw the balltop easily.

Someone told me that’s a good reason for why Asian arcade managers generally don’t put “bling” balltops on control levers like the LS-32 which doesn’t have a shaft cover. A bare shaft can be grabbed and as long as the perp’s hands aren’t sweaty can be used as a lever to make it easier to screw the balltop handle off. My personal experience is that it’s still a bear to unscrew a secured balltop off an LS-32 shaft even if it doesn’t have a cover. I still need to lift up the faceplate and use a screwdriver to take off the balltop!

Ah ok thank you both for your help.