Hori real arcade pro. vx-as art template

Hi, everyone
I’m new on this site and I wanted
To get some help on costumizing
My arcade stick, I’ve been looking around
The web trying to find a template I can work
On photoshop, but I haven’t had envy success.
I’ve found a couple of templates but every time I open
Them on my photoshop they’re not the right size.
I’d appreciate if anyone can help with the measurements
Or a template for this stick


moving this longer than usual haiku to tech talk

I assume you mean the VX SA? Art has one. http://www.tek-innovations.com/arthobbies/index.cfm?loc=about&sub=templates

The SA model is (afaik) identical to the normal VX, just with Sanwa parts. Note that the KAI has different stick spacing so be aware of that if you have or might have a KAI.

He can also print them for you as well as a protective plexiglass sheet cut to fit your stick and protect the art.