Hori Real Arcade Pro Available Now in the US!

Xbox 360 version is $130, coming in Feb…


PS3 version is $90, out now!


Not to be confused with all the other cheap sticks Hori’s released in the US so far. These things are expensive, but much cheaper than what it used to cost to import them. I dunno why the hell the 360 version is $40 more though… Free shipping sure beats the hell out of the $70+ it costs importing it from Play-Asia though.

360 version is probably more expensive due to the PCB

Does anyone know if it’s going to be possible to put a ls 32 01 in the 360 version?

Can’t know for sure until we get pictures of the insides.

Any idea on what parts are used in both versions?

Since they’re both part of Hori’s “Real Arcade Pro” series, they should come with the standard Sanwa JLF and Hori buttons.

whoa talking about being late to the party. anyways they’re reissues so sanwa sticks and hori buttons.

I’m sure its on the forum somewhwere but I’m having issues clicking on threads and the search isn’t working for me right now. I’m assuming no but wanted to double check. are there any compatibility issues with importing a japanese version for use on the 360?

no issues, I have a jp HRAP EX, played on euro 360 flawlessly.
as for LS32, I don’t know, but you can find picture of the inside of the stick somewhere here, I guess.

don’t forget the pcb is NOT common ground, so that stick is pretty much useless for a multi pcb-mod. (the stick is sanwa and feels great, but as the pcb isn’t common ground, it’s hard-wired, there’s no 5-pin connector.)

you should just wait for the specs of the SFIV TE stick, check if it’s common ground and get that.

Would it be particularly difficult to mod the EX with Sanwa buttons and an octagonal gate? I’m planning on picking one up provided it won’t be a huge hassle to modify it.

If I’m not mistaken, I’ve seen pics showing a LS-32 in the HRAP-EX. Any -01 stick won’t work with it since they all use a 5-pin connector, however, any non-01 Seitmitsu stick should work; from a wiring perspective at least. The PS3 HRAP cannot fit a LS-32-01 at all. But it is common ground so 5-pin connectors do work.

To be honest though, Sanwa vs. Seimitsu isn’t that big of a difference. If you like Japanese sticks you’ll find both to be very responsive and high quality. Hori buttons, on the other hand, should be changed ASAP.

In the HRAP EX thread there are pics of LS-32s easily going in (well, you’ll need to solder the wires off the stock sanwa and back onto the LS-32 but anyone could do that). Buttons are QD’ed so easy swap for Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons.

how can i order a hrap ex to canada? on amazon it says it only ships in the US

Well it looks like the PS3 version is out now (and has dropped to $90), but the 360 version won’t be released until Feb…

^ where can i get the ps3 version? also i read on here but just want to clarify, it has a sanwa stick and hori buttons? Also are there USB converters for ps2, and GC? that way i could play use this stick on those systems.

Click on the pic, and I’m pretty sure they come with stock Hori buttons…