Hori Real Arcade Pro. 4 Kai for PlayStation 4 Show off your custom work. (Current Work in Process)

Hey everyone, new to this site, and haven’t written on a forum since the early 2000’s (old man) but here we go. I have come back to glorious FGC after almost a decade of FPS (mostly COD) and I’m stepping into the world of all fighters instead of just Tekken. This hori is my first venture into fight sticks because I grew up playing pad, and decided with USFIV and SFV to step up to Fight Sticks.
After Mad Catz being constantly sold out, I did plenty of research on the Hori kai and love it (the VLX will be a christmas present to myself once i move to Denver) but was worried about the Kuro buttons. (felt like the buttons stuck a little) so looked on enough forums and found everything I need including finding about ART and his plexiglass. But instead of just doing a simple button swap, I’m in the process of doing a theme based fightstick.
I’m a huge fan of all combat sports and big fan on MMA so all my fightsticks will be themed around MMA and from what I’ve seen online Ill be the first to do it. Anyway Ill go down the list of new parts, sorry I didnt take pics of the dis-assembly, kinda was too afraid my giant hands would break those small connectors. This fightstick will be dedicated to one of my favorite fighters, Nick Diaz. The next one I plan to make (hopefully with a TE2) will be based around the PRIDE FC organization. Anyway heres the list and pics.

  1. Sanwa JLF-CD Translucent Yellow Shaft and matching Dustwasher
  2. The New Sanwa LB30NCW Battop (clear)
  3. One Sanwa OBSC 24mm Translucent Button (Green)
  4. Six Sanwa OBSC 30mm Translucent Buttons (Clear)
  5. Two Sanwa OBSC 30mm Translucent Buttons (Red)


this is a work in progress and I plan to add a Plexi and add a photo of Nick, these are the two im considering. I wish I could use older photos from his fights in Pride but they won’t be in high quality.



Now I did my research and the only Kai custom forums that are up are on NeoGaf so I would appreciate if the mods keep this one open. And hopefully I get to see everyone’s custom Kai’s and plans for their Kai’s. Thanks for reading my rambling and can’t wait to see everyone’s ideas

How did it end up?

Nice work, but we have a thread (stickied, might I add) for this kind of thing.

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We had a HRAP 4 Kai thread, but it may have been merged with another thread and can’t find the info anymore.
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