Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 questions

Hi, just joined the forums here and ordered a HARP 3 for my PS3 to accompany Street Fighter IV next week. I’ve already ordered a bat top stick and the adaptor to change it from the ball top but have a couple questions about the buttons.

Do any Seimitsu buttons work for the HARP 3? I just can’t see myself shelling out $24 for 8 Sanwa buttons after spending $99 on the stick and $60 for the game. The Seimitsu are a better price and aren’t considered bad quality so curious if any of their buttons will work with the HARP 3.

The other question I had was I saw a thread where someone made a template for the SFIV SE/TE sticks. I did a search and didn’t find anything but maybe someone has already done one for the HARP 3?

Thanks in advance!


you don’t need no adapter to change the top. just a flathead screwdriver. you don’t really need to replace the buttons, but if you are, then you might as well get the best ones, which are the sanwa osbf-30. seimitsu buttons will work, as long as they are 30mm. i myself have the seimitsu ps-14-kn. they are 1 dollar more expensive than the sanwas, but look a lot nicer. performance wise… about the same. just depends on how sensitive you like your buttons to be. the stock hori buttons aren’t bad at all, you might not need to change anything for a while. for hrap3 templates, check out this thread


Thank you. Wow, those translucent buttons do look very nice.

Do you have any pictures of your stick? Nevermind, just saw it in that thread, they do look pretty nice. I was wanting to go with a White/Black setup but not sure since those don’t come in black, maybe White/Red.

If you’re using a JLF and want to use the bat-top, you’ll need to buy the Sanwa joystick adapter since the bat-top is made for the Sanwa JLW-UM, which has a larger shaft (no homo).

As for the Seimitsu thing, they’re just as good as Sanwa buttons. They just feel different, so its all preference. Sanwas are more sensitive than Seimitsu buttons.

Well, I went ahead and ordered 2 red and 6 white Seimistu PS-14-KN’s buttons, the bat top, adaptor, a 4/8 way restrictor plate, and 2 PS-14-DN (the 24mm). I didn’t wanna spend too much, but after seeing conebone’s stick with the custom artwork, I figured I’d just go all out and splurge on the stick. Can’t wait to use it for Street Fighter IV and MAME/FBA.

Here is to hoping I ordered the correct parts =).

Thank you for all your help and information!!!