Hori RAP V3-SA 'Kai' stick looseness question?


the stick has finally arrived :smiley: and I have a question to all you old timers. This is my first stick so obviously I don’t know what to expect and so I have a question. The vanilla joystick that is here (Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK) is slightly loose in its neutral state. It’s a very minimal looseness but still I wanted to know if it’s normal? The second thing is not strictly technical. I wanted a little direction, maybe guides on how to start playing with arcade sticks :slight_smile:

Sorry for doubling the subject from JLF feels loose at neutral

Thats normal and there supposed to be some looseness or play in the neutral position of the stick

The looseness in neutral is normal for the Sanwa JLF. As for how to play on sticks, here’s a basic guide:


Everything after is entirely up to how much you’re willing to practice and become proficient with an arcade stick.

hello my HORI RAP VLX wont work with pc it is a xbox version and seems to get a message that says error 43 on the pc for the usb any ideas plz help

Thank you for the feedback. That makes me much calmer knowing that it’s normal :D.

As for practicing I will be having some time in the coming ~3 months so I thing I’ll get the hang of it ;). Thanks