Hori RAP 4 Kai model differences?

Hey so I wanted to buy Hori RAP4 Kai for PS4 but I saw that there are different models out there but Im not sure what are the differences and which one is better? What I saw is one model has PS Button in the middle and another one has it as the last button. Also there are different product numbers PS4-015U or PS4-015E. Which one should I pick and why also what exactly are the differences between them maybe it doesnt really matter?

the one that has the PS button in the middle is the older one with kuro buttons. the one that has it closer to the front is the newer one with hayabusa buttons and the PC mode (xinput) switch.

So is this big difference or kuros doesnt really matter? Also which one U or E is the newer one?

Kuros are discontinued and now all non-budget hori sticks use Hayabusa buttons. They’re both good buttons, just one is more common than the other now.

So the model differences with code U and E are buttons and PS button placement? What about pc mod and touch button at the front are they at borh models?

If you did any googling you’d notice that PC mode is only on the version with Hayabusa buttons. The touchpad is present on both versions.

U= United States
E= Europe