HORI R.A.P.V4 Hayabusa Unboxing + Inside Look

OH! Look what came in the mail today!


I’m gonna put the rest of the pictures in spoilers tags so it doesn’t take up so much space.

The Back



The Side



The packaging seems standard



First thing I noticed is that Hori still can’t make a compartment door for shit! Isn’t any better here guys… Same old crappy case lid. (Ignore the blue bar, I’m way too lazy to retake pictures)



Turbo Panel



Side view



and this masterpiece of a door



Oh this is the part where most of you are waiting for so here have at it



Top Panel PCB







Bottom PCB



The Hayabusa Joystick



and the Kuro buttons



As for my opinions on this stick, I only had it for one day so far but I can say it’s just the HRAP Hayabusa V3 with PS4 functionality (Duh). I already owned the Hayabusa joystick and still really like it. As for the Kuros, so far i think they are fine but I might still replace them with Seimitsu soon because I still prefer the force that it takes to trigger them. Probably gonna put it up on sale here soon. As for the 24mm Hori button, I find it super weird that the plunger goes under the rim and that bothers me. Gonna fix that soon by replacing it too.

I’m really digging the switch on top that let’s me reverse L1/L2 and R3/L3 so that means I can cover up L1/L2 with button plugs and still have L1/L2 for use on top of the turbo panel. Neat feature. I also used it to reverse Start/Select.

As for use with the PS4, it works. I can’t say much because it’s just a stick that works with the PS4 lol.

Oh, did I mention that the compartment door is still complete dog shit? :slight_smile:

Requested pic of the PCB:








The PCBs look very similar to the ones found inside the Hori RAP V3 Kai (I don’t own one, but I modded one for a client last week)…

Two things I forgot to ask:

  1. Is the layout the wider Kai layout, or the narrower original HRAP VX/V3 layout?

  2. So tell me again, what do you think of the compartment door? :slight_smile:

it’s kind of a shame that after seeing a TE2 in person and seeing how nice of a job they did keeping that thing clean and compartmentalized, I am disappoint.

Plus, solder points solder points everywhere.

That new turbo panel looks really good though, and I do love the quick remap features on the flick of a switch.

Now the real question is this stick Common ground or not?

Also the start button with the really shallow plunger, that is typical of Hori design, the Hrap 3 and Hrap EX was the same way.

I don’t like that wiring bundle in the middle, I got to do something about that once by V4 comes in.

  1. I think it’s the narrower layout, I’ll compare it with my friend’s VX on Friday.

  2. Spoiler

    Dog Shit

Seems like a quick cash grab from Hori

I disagree. With the new security measures unlike the PS3, no one makes PS4 controllers without Sony’s blessing.

Also companies just don’t redo all there plastic molds that easily. Plastic molds aren’t cheap.
Sony is most likely hording their stock of Encoders.

Hmm, that turbo panel looks similar to the one on the A3-SA I got to use last week (except for the new 3-4 switch). Was the turbo changed for the V4, or does the Kai have something like that as well?

I’m pretty sure the Kai had the Turbo area like that as well. I can’t remember it 100% on the one I modded (since I told the client that he’ll be losing all that functionality with the PS360+ I was putting in there anyways), but it looks very similar to what I vaguely remember on the HRAP V3 Kai…

Go here for the answer on the Turbo Panel => http://stores.horiusa.com/playstation-3-real-arcade-pro-v3-sa-kai/

The Turbo panel got changed for the Kai models. The original HRAP V3 SA had 3-stop individual switches for the 30mm buttons like the HRAP 1 and 2 models did. The Kai panel has a generic Turbo button for every 30mm button like the HRAP 3 and HRAP N3 SA do. The revised turbo panel is probably easier for Hori to make… for anybody likes to use Turbo for whatever reasons, individual 3-stop switches are easier to use. It’s harder to turn the Turbo feature on-and-off with the setup’s like the HRAP 3’s.
The HRAP V4 might be using the original HRAP V3 SA faceplate panel. The joystick does look closer to the buttons on the HRAP V4 like they did on the original HRAP V3 SA model. The only things I can tell for sure are from the Hori-USA website and the HRAP V3 I own. I don’t own the HRAP V3 Kai but it looks like from a top angle view (see photo on the Hori-USA site) that you can easily fit in at least two balltop handles’ width between the joystick and the buttons… it’s more like one-balltop handle width on the original HRAP V3 faceplate. You can scroll through multi-angle views of the mass-release product on the Hori website descriptions.
Reusing older faceplates is nothing new for Hori. They reused the HRAP 1 faceplate (minus the turbo panel) for the licensed ‘HRAP-lie’ joysticks (Arcana Heart 1/2, Fate: Unlimited Codes, Tekken 5) they produced for the PS2.

Can you unscrew the main PCB and flip it over for a quick picture?

@Phreakazoid‌ Done! Should be the last pic I just added.

More on the turbo area. I’m surprised that it no longer has the 4 player indicator LEDs, despite having PS3 compatibility.

@d3v‌ ah, I’ll do it tomorrow morning. Kinda don’t wanna open it again since it really stinks lol

EDIT: Can’t sleep so there you go! Updated the post.

So the compartment door actually smells like dog shit? You weren’t joking then when you made the claim it’s dog shit. I wonder if they have a dog shit injection mold and that’s why it’s total crap.

Common ground confirmed?

You know what, I’m gonna say fuck it, I’m happy HORi decided to reuse the V-series casing. It’s a fuckton better than having to pay $50 or more extra just to help them recoup the cost of R&D for an all new casing.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying the mold is bad by any stretch of the imagination. I couldn’t possibly because I have never had one. I was just following up on the dog shit joke about the compartment door.

Much as I don’t personally care for the HRAP V3 case design, I agree with you on the cost issue.

I don’t want to get gouged on new generation peripheral controller costs, either. It’s bad enough that mainline control pads doubled in price last generation!

Hori got six years out of the original HRAP case with the major exterior change being the faceplate panels. I could see them wringing six years out of the newer HRAP V3 and HRAP N3 designs, too. Frankly, I don’t know how important it is for most people to see case designs change every 2-3 years when the cases out there already work pretty well.

Personally, I do hope that Hori reuses the HRAP N3/NX case design for the mass-production PS4 release. LED isn’t as important or necessary as a reliable PCB and quality control parts that don’t break on you after a month or two. Keep the current case designs, too, if that keeps the costs down for everybody!

Thanks, it’s what I thought I’d see.

Am I the only one who likes the compartment door on Hori joysticks? When they close, it’s secure. When you open them, the ability for the door to “fall off” to me is better than the MCZ stuff that tends to break. MANY complaints have been heard of that around these parts. At any rate, thanks for the visual rundown.