Hori PS3 Wireless Fight stick

Just saw this on Amazon.com today


Anyone know the specs on this stick?

It looks like a repackaged Tekken 6 stick, without the Tekken art. You know, the one that was bundled with the game.

yes, u can go with absolutely terrible or a nightmare to mod. its the same as tekken 6

Ah, Okay. I figured that. I was thinking about getting my sister her first arcade stick. I doubt she would be thinking about modding anything.

Not gonna lie…It’s pretty craptastic, LOL! Only reason I got it was just to see how bad it was (big dead zone on lever & way too light). If she’s never used a quality arcade joystick then it’ll be fine for the average consumer. However, once she uses a Sanwa/Seimitsu joystick then she won’t go back! BTW, you can get the T6 version on eBay or on here for ~$30-$40 if you look around or just buy the full T6 joystick package @ Newegg for $60 shipped instead of paying $80 on Amazon for the non-T6 version:


Hope that helps.

thanks for the insight homie

Fo sho! This forum has been a big help so I try my best to return the favor when possible yo!