Hori Pro Arcade Stick VLX Questions

I was planing on getting a hori VX:SA/SE just wanted some opinions on it. I’ve heard some complaints about it being too light and sometimes uncomfortable, this was gona be my first stick i was planning on getting. I have played on my friends madcatz before but other then that not much else. I was going for this one because i heard it was pretty reliable, so just wanted some opinions on this arcade stick.

Um, my VLX could not be described as “light”. Maybe I’m confusing the names…

I don’t think the VLX is any even light.
It is heavy.

There’s not much difference between a VLX and a tank.

Perhaps you are thinking of the:


If you can get your hands on a HORI VLX, get it…

I work near the HORIUSA office and asked them if they’re getting anymore, but they said they aren’t and they’re coming out with newer shtuff.

Yeah got lazy i meant the VX:SA/SE sorry very noobish

I’ve got a HRAP V3-SA and it is pretty light. The problem I had with it wasn’t necessarily weight-related though. My stick was sliding around on the table, and while you might argue this is because it was too light, it actually got a lot better when I changed out the shitty rubber feet for better ones. Got no problems whatsoever playing with it in my lap. All in all I’m very happy with it.