Hori Pad 4 FPS padhacking?

Has anyone tried to padhack the new Hori Pad 4 FPS?


It works with both PlayStation 4 AND PlayStation 3 and seems like a good idea for stick mods/builds in anticipation of Guilty Gear Xrd.

that’s a really interesting find. i haven’t seen it in stores or on amazon. it could be exclusive to the asian market for now. i would really prefer gutting something like this to an OEM ps4 controller

I haven’t seen it in the US yet

I believe @MarkMan has already ordered one of these.

I going to have to become a Play Asia customer…

Would love to hear more about this pad as well. Need a common ground pcb to dual mod my paewang with.

Do it Lukas, do it.

My Hori FPS G.E.A.R. pad came in today (From Play Asia).

I going to test the pad out as-is first, then probe around and see if this baby is common ground and hack capable.

Review of the Hori G.E.A.R.S. FPS game pad for the PS4.
My First thoughts, not bad of a game pad (despite the Xbox style layout)
The Grip is comfortable, but… the grip is smooth in some areas so parts of the pad is slippery.
In this respect the Sony Dual Shock 4 pad is superior.

The Map is wired, but you have to make sure the switch in the back is set to 4 as this is PS4 MODE. The 3 is for PS3/PC use.
The Pad will not function till you hit the Home/PS button, and the pad will power on or wake (if the system is in standby mode) the PS4 console
D-pad it self isn’t bad and it reminds me of a SNES d-pad.

There also the complete lack of touch pad and Light so certain games will not work correctly with the pad.

As the Programing section goes, no idea as the instructions are in Japanese and I can’t read them.
And I didn’t see an advantage of the sensitivity wheel for the analog.

Now on to the Nitty Gritty stuff the Pad Hack.

I feel its odd this PS4 pad is designed alot like many 3rd party Xbox 360 pads, with a sub board for the d-pad.
And longer face button plungers.

So I probed the PCB with a Multimeter and this is what I found.

Ground points are all marked, the Options, Share, Home and Program buttons have a separate ground from the Input buttons.

I am thinking this pad might be viable for hacking despite the separate grounds.
I notice the ground for the Options, Share and Home buttons are connected to the USB ground.

I will update more once I solder up this pad for a stick.

*Note: on disassembly, the D-pad sub board is screwed to the case as well and have to be unscrewed to remove with out ripping the Ribbon cable out.

dude, that is awesome!!

If all is well, this will go perfectly with any other PCB’s except for the PS360+!

Can’t wait for the update!
Oh just curious, how much did it cost you altogether including S&H?

I paid for faster shipping so about 80
The Pad is $56 on its own.

Weird thing worth noting. Play-Asia seems to have the blue version of the pad being discussed at a lower price than the black version.

I doubt it is common ground. Its got resistors crossing the gaps which means its using analog buttons.

I never said it was common ground, just that the ground for the inputs isn’t the same as the ground for the rest of the PCB.

Gummo think I can link the 2 grounds with some diodes?

this should prove interesting…

Its a common line. Its not a ground. I wouldn’t be surprised if it mimics the ds3 with 2 common lines. One for each half of the controller. There should have a resistor connecting it to ground.

So I need to sit there and see if I can look for this resistor?
Can I by pass it or do I need to build a circuit for it ?

I’m saying I’m assuming there is a resistor on the board that is connecting the common line to ground. Its setup as a voltage divider.

Okay I see what you mean, tieing the two grounds make the inputs not work but the opinions and share buttons still work.
Separating the 2, the inputs will respond agian

I did trace the input ground all the way to the IC.