Hori Joystick randomly stops working on PC

Hi :slight_smile:

I’m a newcomer here, and i’ll start with a tech issue…

I tried to search a lot on internet, and did not find any case exactly similar to mine.

I have since one year a Hori Rap Pro N (PS). I’m happy with it and its working fine on PS4, and on my old PC.
I bought a new PC recently, and since then, the stick stops working, and it’s happening randomly. I don’t have any response, i can’t enter any input, but the stick is still connected.

I tried all the USB ports, it’s the same.
I reinstalled the X360 controller drivers.
I tested the stick on another PC, and it works fine (didn’t played but there is a response, on the new PC the issue occurs even without playing, i’m testing the response in the USB controller config panel).
On PS4, it’s all good, i can play long sessions without any troubles.
The stick is still considerd as working and plugged in in windows, and i just need tu unplug and plug to make it works fine again, (or even switch to PS3 mode, then switch back in PS4 mode with the facade buttons). In steam it’s always here too.
Like i said it’s random, so it’s not every ten minutes or anything.
I deactivate all the energy related stuff in windows, and fast boot, i heard it could be related to some lack of juice in USB port, and i may need a USB amplifier. I don’t know if it’s worth trying that.

So if anybody has the same issue, i’ll be glad to know if there’s any solution.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Try uninstalling the drivers. Also try disabling steam input or any other wrapper program if it persists. I had an issue where ds4 windows and steam input were conflicting and causing problems in certain games.

Thank you, i’ll try to uninstall the drivers.

No DS4 installed, and no known other similar softwares, unless there’s a default option in Windows that i’m not aware of.
For steam i already unchecked all i could find, but i have the same issue even if steam is closed, while playing on fightcade for example.