Hori hurry up!

Hori are you going to restock the Hrap3 Sa or you won’t?

Are you going to mock your customers again just as you did with the long-awaited and then never released first version of the Hrap3 Sa?

Wouldn’t it be fair admitting that you have released only a few hundreds units of this stick but you have no intention of restock it?

I am tired of waiting for months probably in vain and I feel derided by Hori marketing policy.

I am really disappointed with this behaviour.

Are you going to get it from the Hori Store?
It indeed does say that there is no stock, “???”.

The best bet for now is contacting AkihabaraShop.jp.
The bad thing is that they are closed at the moment.

is it as easy as e-mailing hori and asking when it’s due for release if at all?

Does hori japan store ship to usa?

Nope they do not…They only ship to Japanese billing addresses…