Hori Hayabusa Switches?

So I’ve realized my Hori Hayabusa has become irresponsive in it’s down direction input, and down right or down left (e.g. if I’m crouch blocking, it’ll register on the game as me moving back, or if I’m crouch forward to do a crouching [med kick, punch, etc] it will register as me moving forward)

I checked if it was the actuator and I’m running a Kowal;however, the Kowal is making contact with the switches just fine and clicks, so I realized this has to be an issue with the switches. The Hayabusa+Kowal have been working great for the past 2 years that I got it. Then as of recent, I realized it has been having some minor issues with the directionals, and fast forward a few more months, it just got worse to the point where I can’t play/rely on it.

Does anyone have any recommendations for which switches to use (Good brands, same amount of force for it to actuate)

I looked into this at Focus Attack but not sure if that’s the recommended part: https://www.focusattack.com/cherry-d44x-75g-187-microswitch/

Thanks in advance.

Hayabusa same as Seimitsu use this : https://focusattack.com/seimitsu-ls-33-ls-55-ls-56-ls-58-187-fastener-microswitch/

Should I order the Seimitsu’s or try something new that might be better (durable, etc)?

Microswitch is from Panasonic , just remove the hinge and you have the same that work for you for years.

But if you want try another brand like Omron do it…self experience is the best.

You can use any basic snap action switch you want, but you will need to solder. If you change one switch, change them all so you are playing on a matching set. Don’t mix ands match because of the minor differences in feel and tension.

Oh yeah, I was aware of the mix and match as well as replacing all of the switches.

Just my question is if anyone can recommend me to some different brands of switches people from their experience liked. Otherwise I’ll play it safe and just order the Seimitsus (which I noticed has a metal hinge over the switch and was told to remove it, is that a simple process?)

Very simple. I recommended trying some Omron switches. There is a thread where i break down some switches. You could check that out. I like the models that aren’t riveted.

They’re all mostly the same and the internal parts are interchangeable, but i like the build quality of Omron.

Where can you buy Omron switches? I check FA but couldn’t find them

Haven’t checked Paradise yet.

Mouser.com has a large selection. You’ll need to search by model # based on your needs. There are various tensions and engage types like levers or rollers, so you’d want a base model.

Original Jlf use Omron , so remplacement for Sanwa are Omron.

So what?


In response to ariesno.

FA sell Omron switch but they call Sanwa switch…i think some other seller do it too.

I just realized the Seimitsu’s Micro Switches on FA say the Brand is Omron. Sort of confused now.

It would be a mistake…just ask them by mail.

You could try checking out switches at ParadiseArcadeShop.com also

They actually have accurate product descriptions and have a nice selection for all things.

No mistake, Seimitsu now uses Omron instead of the good old Matsushitas AKA Thailand/Panasonic.

Omron is just a brand of switch, there many different types of Omron switches out there.
Microswitches are made for more than just arcade parts, most of these switches has industrial applications.

I got a NC (Normally closed) levered Omron switch in my microwave telling the microwave when the door is shut or not.