HORI Fighting Stick Mini 4 (PS4)

Sup all, I was thinking about getting this stick to gut it and throw the parts in another stick.

has anyone tried this yet? What do the insides look like?

The PCB is common ground, no diodes required according to @“Jasen Hicks”

Speaking of Jasen and the insides of the stick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bq-Wcwb3fuI

Omg thank you both, exactly what I was looking for!

I don’t think diodes are required. It is common ground though. I haven’t gotten a chance to plug it in without datalines and check the signal paths.

What kind of bat top would you suggest swapping it out with?

I really wanted to take all the parts out and put them in my Sanrio stick.


Aren’t those kind of rare? Lol.

Quick question. Saw the video and the image of the PCB (thanks). Has anyone labeled the Grounds/Buttons/Directions from the ribbon cable? I couldn’t tell from the picture if the board has it all labeled or not.


I plan on it when I get some down time. Ultimately, I intend on adding more details on the TechBlog with pictures, similar to the VLX write-ups I did.

Plastic Bat top like the Sanwa Bat Tops.
Make sure you also get the Bat top adapter.

Metal bat tops are too heavy for the joystick.

We have labeled the hori mini pcb :



can you use the the GRD,RST,TMSC,TCLK,VD holes in the board as another place to solder your USB wire?

Man these things seem to sell out quick. Was a nice cheap board for modding. Oh wells.

Anyone know how this compares to the mcz alpha as a stick?

This link no longer works. Anyone else have one?

Site’s not in English, but I think all you need is the PCB pic, GL happy modding :smile: