Hori fight stick 3 or hori real arcade pro

i’ve got a bit of a dilemma, i was able to find a hori fight stick 3 for $60 for the ps3 however i would need to buy street fighter iv for the ps3 as my copy is for the 360. i was wonderinig if i should just buy the hori fight stick 3 and the ps3 version or if i should just try and hunt down a hori real arcade pro ex stick for the 360? the price comes out to about the same. what do you guys think?

Any HRAP is far superior to the FS3. It’s not even a choice, really.

Get a FS3…they’re cheap and easier to mod.

Modded FS3 > HRAP

Modded HRAP3 ( Sanwa Buttons) > Modded Fightstick :lovin:

I own a modded FS3, 2 HRAP 2’s, a modded Madcatz SFIV SE stick and the Madcatz TE and the HRAP 2’s and TE are the nicest in my opinion (I still favor the TE but I really like the look of the Amazon HRAP 2). If you like the smaller, compact sticks then the Madcatz SE was in my opinion much nicer than the FS3. The FS3 was my first stick and my first mod and I really can’t stand it anymore. I’ve stripped it for the parts to mod other stuff now and it sits in a box.

thanks for the input, guess ill go hunt down an hrap, are the buttons really that bad that i have to replace em with some sanwas? since i know the joystick is already sanwa

Eventually you will want Sanwa buttons or Seimitsu buttons.

Get the HRAP3, all you would need to change is the buttons to Sanwas, they’re quick disconnects also. The FS3 requires some modding and effort.

Believe me,

You WILL want to replace those stock Hori buttons as soon as possible!

Once you have felt how responsive Sanwa buttons are and how little effort is required to activate them, you’ll switch quickly.

I’d say those stock buttons require at least 5 times more force to activate them and they will wear out your hands and fingers more quickly. The quality of your buttons and joysticks make a huge difference in your gaming endurance.

Some people prefer Seimitsu buttons but I have no experience with those. I think a majority of people prefer Sanwas, though, and for the moment it’s the bigger-selling brand. It doesn’t seem like you’ll go wrong regardless of which brand pushbutton you buy.

The Mad Catz TE stick was my first experience with all Sanwa parts. I’ll never go back after that!

The second all-Sanwa stick I got was the PS2 Hori Real Arcade Pro 2 SA (still available unlike the virtually unobtainable HARP 3 SA). Just like the Mad Catz TE, those Sanwa parts make a huge difference. The two sticks are broadly comparable although some people prefer the TE for the smaller base. Others like the HARPs better for their greater mod capability and bigger, more stable base. I like both of them myself.

After using those sticks, I have gone back and tried to play SF IV through adaptors with the Tekken 5 Hori stick and my really, really old Hori Fighting Stick SS (Sega Saturn) and Ascii Fighting Stick (also Sega Saturn). There’s no comparison – Sanwa sticks are better all the way. Sure, I could play better with those older sticks AFTER using the TE and HARP 2 SA but the newer Sanwas are far more comfortable to use.

I’m already looking at modding my original T5 stick and gettiing two more to replace the original two Saturn sticks after I gut them…

dual modded HRAP3 would be the best.

He said the FS3 + a copy of PS3 Street Fighter IV.