Hori FC3 pro or PDP versus

I can’t decide which one to buy, I want a pad that is sturdy and compy. i don’t know which one is better. My hands are not the biggest, i would say they are average, I play using thumb for the buttons if that helps, not with my 3 fingers or whatever ppl do.

The PDP looks really nice with the microswitches and everyone says its great but i have heard that many of them are faulty and break after a few weeks and i dont want it to break like my madcatz which got all stiff and **** in a 3 weeks.
http://www.amazon.com/PS3-Versus-Contro … 493&sr=1-2

I haven’t heard about any problems with the FC3P so far but i don’t know if its any good , couldn’t find any good reviews on it like with PDP.

Help me decide Thx

i would like to know more on this topic as well, reading the amazon reviews for the PDP is scarry.

there is also this:

Thx but which one is better.