Hori EX2 Stick...does it suck?

Well…does it?

I’m too broke to buy a nicer more expensive USB stick (i’m booking a bachelor party ticket to mexico as we speak!).

What worries me are the buttons. I had an old Hori and the buttons felt weird, I believe it was because there were no microswitches and the buttons were directly on the PCB or something.

Is that also the case with this stick?

yup soldered straight to the pcb

anything with a H, O, R, & an I anywhere on it is G, A, R, B, A, G & E.

Save up for something better, because if you spend the money on something crappy, you will regret it.

I have used one of these and while I wouldn’t buy it, its not bad if you’re just looking for a cheap USB stick. That said though, I agree with the general consensus that its probably better just to save up and get something better.

The HRAP series is one of the best commercial sticks ever.

yeah, what the hell are you talking about -____-

It’s the worst hori i had for sure (i had the dreamcast, tekken 4 and soulcal 2 ones) but still decent if you don’t play too many games dependent of multiple button presses. The buttons are absolute shit, period.

I absolutely hated the buttons on the DOA4 stick and am glad that I sold it. Sadly, the only great Xbox 360 stick is a custom-built one.

Try finding a decent retail Happ knockoff for around $40-50. Hori has decent sticks for their price and can be modded to be much better.

sorry Ive got to desagree. Ive got the Virtua Fighter Hiro Stick and IT IS gloriously great I can do anything with it the stick my feel wierd but you get used to it. its just great.

Yeah, Hori buttons are crap. They’re nice and sensitive, but they stay compressed way too long, and they seem to break down pretty easily. My MK is almost completely dead for no apparent reason, and someone else who got the same stick had his LP die on him. From what I heard, the connections on the buttons are just barely made, which is why they fail so easily.

wait, so it’s bad for games require multiple presses at once? does it make the throw command in third strike seem impossible?

no it’s fine.
I have one it gets the job done.

No, it’s bad for stuff where you have to mash one or several buttons repeatedly.

This isn’t EX2 stick related, but I have a T5 stick and it is fine for me. I think it’s actually pretty good. But I can’t compare it because it’s my very first stick aside from playing on mas sticks at the arcade a few times.

I think they are ok, kinda felt like a Namco stick to me. Could be better, but could be a lot worse!

One thing about the Hori. The shaft is shorter than traditional Sanwa sticks, so if you use wineglass or any hold where your fingers are under the ball, your hand’s going to be really cramped, and you’re probably gonna get wrist pain.

Theres always the nut under the ball technique that chippermonkey used for the EX2 mod

Maybe I’m just up too late, but that’s made me LOL :rofl: