Hori Ex2 sensitivity question

I just got a hori ex2 (its my first stick ever) so I am learning how to brawl w/ it. I was wondering if any other EX2 users would say that the stick is very sensitive or is it just my noob ass yanking the joystick too hard. i started doing very gentle motions on it and essentially just “flicking” it to do a qcf but P1 srk motions are killing me, i have to have a spasm in my hand to pull off ( that might be just being new ).

tldr: is the hori ex2 stick too sensitive than other sticks?

nope, it just takes time to get used to a stick. The hori buttons would be considered less sensitive than sanwa/seimitsu. It gets some hate around here, but the ex2 is not too bad for its price.

gotcha, i actually dig the buttons. they aren’t “springy” but are quite responsive.

Actually to add on to this thread. I have a Hori also, and i’m having issues with the buttons registering simultaneous vs p-link (1 frame subsequent button presses). This is a problem when i want to do an ultra and i often get either an EX or a super because the 3 buttons don’t come out.

A side note. I have problems doing p1 srks and fireballs too ever once in a while because i tend to do them too fast. instead of :qcf: :p: i get :d::r: :p:. But that’s just me with try to do a qcf with just a flick of my wrist since i’m not a huge guy or anything. Maybe i need to sit or position the stick better.

Any comments regarding the first question? Is it just my lack of execution or the buttons are really that insensitive. I find when i plink, the button reactions are very random.

thanks in advance.

I used to have the same problem, I just swapped them out with sanwa OSBF-30s and that seemed to fix it.

imo the EX2 is the best introductory stick available for the Xbox 360 and perhaps even for the PC.

It’s cheap, but it’s very durable. My Virtua Fighter EX2 is still standing strong and it has taken a beating.

If you want to try a stick for the first time to see if you’ll like it but are not sure if you want to expend more than 80-100 dollars, then the EX2 is the best choice for the price to experiment with an stick.

Last time i checked they were about 40 dollars each if you could find one.

seems after a while of use that my stick is getting lose? i don’t know how to describe it but i can use 1 finger to nudge it in all directions by like 2cm without it actually registering it as a move. is this normal? if not , can i remedy this somehow? does it mean its wearing out, or breaking already?

Open up the stick and see if all the microswitches are lined up correctly. I never had a problem with mine, but other people have different experiences. Hopefully, you won’t have to replace the joystick, because a sanwa is a bitch to fit in that box.

I have heard, however, that a seimitsu stick will fit easily.