Hori Ex2 PCB problems (X button Not responding)

As above stated

on my hori ex2 fightstick my X button not responding all of the other buttons responding fine.

I just did a mod of sanwa buttons, new art work and paint job.

is there any way i can fix this problem or can I use a Fightpad from madcatz?
if so!? is there a tutorial on how to achieve this mod?

if you need pictures ill post some.

this is XBOX360 fightstick

You can use a madcatz fightpad if you’d like. Most of the information on how to wire one up is here on slagcoin?Joystick Controller - PCB and Wiring

I’d recommend it over the EX2 PCB, because it is common ground, unlike the EX2 PCB, which is not. However, if you want to troubleshoot, make sure that you can touch the two quick disconnects together to see if it’ll make X work. If they don’t, then you likely have either a connection problem between the PCB and button, or the PCB may not be working correctly. But, I’d just replace with madcatz fightpad PCB. You can then have a PCB that will let you dual mod, and that’s worth it to me.

Most importantly, this is what to look at when wiring (terminal strip optional)?

However, you should give that whole page a read, and then come back if you have any questions. It’s chock full of great info.

thank you for the information ill be reading that page you recommended. is there a video tutorial of this?

also ill still be using the stock hori joystick. I just need to know how to install the madcatz street fighter fight pad round one controller into the hori stick with out purchasing anything else.

I can’t say I know of any videos. You could look into “padhacking a madcatz fightpad,” for starters. I know a video is a nice aid, but it’s hard to have videos readily available for every stick for all kinds of mods. If you can read up Slagcoin article well (I know it’s lengthy), you should be able to understand it, I hope.

Since you are using the Hori joystick, which is wired for not common ground, You should connect both wires connected to each microswitch to both points on the two sides of the D-pad.

DaisyChain :: Tools and Supplies picture by rtdzign - Photobucket

Here’s rtdzign’s quick disconnect daisy chain guide if you want to know how to daisy chain quick disconnects instead of soldering the ground wires to the buttons.

Unless he has a real need to switch pcbs, you really aught to try and fix the problem with the X button first.

  1. Plug it into a PC and check the controller’s properties. You need to find out if the button is never activating, or is always active (lit up in the properties). The difference for troubleshooting is pretty big. Even if you dont know the number of the X button, just remember that NOTHING should be lit unless you’re pressing a button.
    2a. Assuming it never lights up: Depending on how you did the Sanwa mod, you should be able to follow the two traces/wires going to the X button back to the main pcb. Touching those two points together with a piece of wire or paperclip should make the button light up in the control panel applet.
    2b. If the button is always pressed, those two points are always connected. Redo the wiring.

Let me know what you find out, and we can help you troubleshoot it further. But if you do need more help, take some good clean photos of the inside of the stick. Lots of 'em

here are some pictures of what i been working on

these are the buttons sanwa

sanwa re stricter plate

cherry happ switches

pcb board that the X button dont work on

I will read Slagcoin article to better understand wiring.

I plugged it into comp every other button responds except X i reset it too factory setting and nothing.

Well there’s a problem, none of the buttons are wired to the pcb. :stuck_out_tongue:
A WIP picture is doubtful to show the problem, but the fact the two wires for X from the ribbon cable aren’t soldered to the daughterboard can’t help. The pad looks damaged but reparable.

I took everything off and i also took the 2 wires off the pcb board to check functionality
of the wires and they are not responsive. as you say damaged to the pad can you please explain.

I been looking to find a replacement pcb board for my stick.

also been reading the pad hacking only brings up 08/09 pads.

this is the following pad that i have and willing to hack
MADCATZ SS48828000A1/04/1 Ryu Super Street Fighter IV Wir

I dont know what else to do with my stick.

yes that madcatz fight pad will work just dandy.

have any info on where to start at?