Hori ex2 modding question

I was wondering if it’s possible to mod this without soldering. I read the tutorial, and it basically says to desolder the little black square things, take them out of the hori buttons, put them in some sanwa/seimetsu buttons, and then resolder. Can this be done without the soldering steps?

You have to desolder and solder. When messing with Hori sticks you have to no matter what. Trust me though it is not that hard. Read the guides and it will take you through all the steps.

Keep in mind that you can also do chippermonky’s DOA4 mod to the Hori EX2 since its the same case. You can find the guide in the essential thread.

Oh thanks!
So I don’t really need to buy a Sanwa JLF-TP-8T Ball Handle Joystick, 4 & 8-Way Adjustable? right?
I mean I can use the stock joystick with a new shiny top?
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