Hori EX2 Dual Mod with PS360+ board, need advice

I have an old SC4 Hori for 360 and it’s super beat at this point.

I need something with a dual mod but I prefer the size of this stick’s frame compared to the TE sized stuff (and I already own this), so I’d rather just chuck all the parts in the stick and start entirely over. Replace the joystick, the pcb and all the buttons to get a stick I’d like better for less than buying a quanba or whatever brand new.

I know size is an issue but the PS360 board is tiny by comparison to what’s already inside so that should reduce some headaches in the first place.

I’m guessing there are joysticks that won’t fit inside the frame, what is decent that will actually fit? I used to have a bunch of old guides saved but I can’t find the actually informative ones.

Thanks for any help!

EDIT: I guess if I can buy a whole thing for around 100 dollars I wouldn’t mind that because it’s easier. Are there any such options that aren’t complete garbage?


Most sticks wont fit as the joystick in the ex2 is smaller then jlf and the like
I have seen some members here say that a seimitsu ls-33 will fit

trying to force jlf or ls-32 in there will make the stick sit very high after tons of work, not really worth it

i would sugest to just changing the microswiches. The ex2 joystick either has the same microswicthes seen in the namco arcade stick or some that are also found in seimitsu sticks
If it is the same as the one in namco then you dont need to change them as they are good(omrom also found in sanwa stick).
If it is the other then you can change them, that is if you want sanwa microswicthes.

button are easy and looks like you know how to change them as you didnt ask that question

come to think of it if you just want a small sized arcade stick then why dont you buy one that is mod friendly or a namco stick and an adapter

some small sized sticks:
madcatz se stick(also brawl model)
Hori v3 for ps3 and vx for xbox360 (soldiering needed)


HORI EX2 is one of the worst sticks to try to mod, its Possible to fix a PS360+ PCB but you have a hard time trying to get it to fit.

My Advice ditch the Hori EX2 and save up for a better stick for your PS360+

I couldn’t agree with this more. The ex2 is not nearly worth the money and time you would be dumping into it. If you’re deadset on having something as small as that there are some other options out there that will work better. You could get a tek case or have a custom builder build you a case similar.

Small (or small-ish) retail cases that you can fit standard parts (JLF and OBSF-30s) and a PS360+:

  • Mad Catz SE casing (SE, KE, TvC, Brawlstick)
  • Hori Fighting Stick VX/V3 casing
  • Exar Exaprize USB Stick Sanwa edition (the non-Sanwa edition is thinner, making it harder to fit in parts) (will need some decent modding to fit in a JLF at the proper height, however)

I’ve personally always been a fan of compact cases, so that was my first priority. So I’ve owned and modded all of the sticks that I mention above.

EX2 is Devil

the EX2 is an excellent travel stick but not too great as a main stick. even with all the modding, the jlf sits high and makes it awkward for some motions. replacing everything with brand new parts would run you something like 120~. i saw a dual-modded R1 TE sell on ebay the other day for 80. A TE or similar stick size will move around less in your lap

I rather mod another Agetec stick over a EX2.

Agetec is a breeze to mod with enough patience and a dremel.