Hori EX2 Button Issues

Hello everyone. I need some advice as my Hori EX2 has become overly sensitive, specifically the RT button. To the point where if I press Y (the button directly above it) an assist call will come out.

More detail:

The stick has been dropped a few times, which I’m sure has contributed to this problem, it has also felt my fists. (Thank you Heroes and Heralds mode.)

If anybody has a solution or any advice as to how I can improve this situation, it would be most appreciated.

Might just be the crappiness of the stock EX2 buttons couples with the abuse. I’d say swap them out for Sanwa, but that isn’t the easiest of sticks to mod with Sanwa parts.

Thanks for responding! So I popped out the button and lo and behold the issue stopped, I think it had something to do with the spring, as it wasn’t in place properly. But here’s my real problem now:

I don’t know how to put it all back together, and I lost the spring! I think I’ll just take it to an arcade shop and see what they can do.

Thanks for your time.

Wait… You popped it out? The buttons are normally soldered to the PCB.

Yes, the HORI buttons can have problems with their springs, that’s usually when it’s time to move to Sanwa parts. But, if you have an Arcade shop (really?! Jealous), they can probably do the switch for you.

Lol. Usually they’re soldered out but I popped it out from the front not the back, with some scissors…please excuse my anger.

I live in London, England. So I imagine there would have to be at least one shop around. Well I hope.

Aw. I see. I miss just having an arcade. T_T.

Where are you from? If you don’t mind me asking.

USA, Georgia. College town at that, not really focusing on the arcades. Just the bars.

I imagine there would be a scene around, have you tried looking in the matchmaking thread? And remember: if a woman is in her 30’s, alone at the bar and single, you WILL score with her.

Thanks again for your help.

Oh, there’s definitely a fighting game scene, I’m the local modder for everyone, and we have a club at our university for it, it’s just that there aren’t any actual arcades, I miss them. T_T. Still play at the DDR machine at the bowling alley almost weekly.

The only score I want is the high score in the arcade.