Hori 360 fighting stick EX2 unmodded any good?

Firstly, I would search this up but for some reason I can’t search for anything on this site because I keep getting errors.

Anyways, I want a joystick so I can get used to arcades and practice my characters in whatever games. The cheapest stick that seems to be a whopping $60 (after tax and shipping) is this one and I was wondering honestly how close to the arcade sticks does it feel?

I would have had no problem modding it if it wasn’t for the fact that the mod FAQ on these sticks is really confusing and it seems like I can seriously screw it up big time.

there has been lots of discussion about this stick and it isnt very good w/o mods. the best thing to do would be to buy a custom 360 stick. or buy a hrap2 or some other good stick and install a 360 pcb.