Hops, Super Jumps, Double Jumps and Air Dashing

I’ve just picked up my first KOF game and a copy of BlazBlue and to my Street Fighter mind the concept of more than one type of jump/air movement is a bit of a foreign one.

I’ve played a bit of Mahvel and would SJ cancel into air combos but wouldn’t really SJ any other time during the match.

Hopping in KOF seems logical, it’s just a lower, quicker jump (a bit like Gen in SFIV I guess) that gives you a quick-ish overhead that clears sweeps but loses out to standing jabs etc. I can’t quite see much need to use a regular jump when you have a hop, I’m guessing it’s to go over and beat out standing attacks? Again KOF has SJs which I can’t really see a use for except maybe leaping behind my opponent.

Now BlazBlue throws out the full spectrum, jumps (which are closer to KOF hops I think) double jumps, super jumps and air-dashing.

Air dashing seems like a technique just to extend the length of your jump, kinda like the ‘Hyper Hop’ in KOF maybe. As if the jump was the vertical part of the jump and the air dash is the horizontal. The air dash is cancellable into an attack so you kinda dictate the length of your jump forward. But why double/super jump? You can even super jump then double jump if I’m not mistaken.

Anyone got any thoughts on this that would help my transition from SF?

I guess air blocking factors into this topic also.


Dandy J’s KOF tutorial is quite helpful.

Yeah I’ve watched those, they’re awesome and they go into detail about hops somewhat, which I use but I’d like to hear some examples of the purpose of each movement.

you generally need to use specific types of anti air moves to beat the different types of jumps in kof. for example, many far A/Bs are pretty good vs most kinds of hops, but are dogshit vs normal jump (close C/D or dps are usually better in this case). a normal/super jump might seem really obvious, but because you can’t always use the same moves to anti air it and hops (plus the fact that they have your ground game to worry about too), you can get away with throwing them out occasionally. also, you can’t always crossup with a short hop, and there are setups where you need to use a normal or super jump.

as far as bb movement, double jumps can be used to bait anti airs, and can be generally safe advancement tools if used smart. air dashes share many of the same risks/rewards as hyper hops (though aa combos in these sorts of games generally yield a far bigger reward for the defender than say kof, especially with stuff like CS’s fatal counters).

i think xenozip did a pretty comprehensive guide to movement in anime games on his blog, so i’ll try to dig up the link.

Technically, Marvel has more air movement options than BlazBlue (8-way, flight). It’s just that the latter gives airdash to everyone making it seem more prominent.

thats why i didnt like GG games, cause its like hey lets give everyone the same thing, and it seems like everyone plays the same. Id rather play UMK3

why the hell are you typing in white. not everyone uses the black skin you know.

forum glitch, i get all black by default for some reason

True, everyone gets the same system mechanics.

Eh I dunno about that now.

OP they’re all different forms of movement. Speaking for BB, I feel like they give you a double jump so you can jump cancel twice in combos more than actually being able to dj. Air dashing is good for rushing down but watch out for that 6A!

All Street Fighter characters can jump and block, everyone plays the same.

So Millia plays the same as Faust because they both have airdashes? Fucking stupidity…

lol wut?
how so? not everyone has the same mobility in the air, and more importantly how do you say that every char plays the same when GG is known for having the most variety on gameplay styles when it come on their characters, please dont spread stupid bullshit form your ass

yet not everyone use them the same way, besides the only mechanics that they share are the failsafes to prevent infinites and other things and the defensive options, pretty much like in every fighter, like kof everyone can hop and super hop, or in sf4 everyone can block and make FA and FADC, or make ex attacks, dont confuse game mechanics with character mechanics please, they arent the same, and more importantly dont homogenize the characters like some people like to think

now about the OP question, in games like BB and KOF to certain extent, the spacing game is more air heavy, you use you air dash, sj & dj, for your “footsies”, and your jc’s for mixup and combos
take note that not every char has the smae mobility on the air, aka not everyone can dash, and the lenght of the dash varies, and the height & arc of the jump varies from character to character

all characters have buttons

all characters play the same

This just in: Testament and Chipp play exactly the same. More news at 11.

I’m not, I’m saying that yes all the characters can burst/rc/fd/etc. I agree that Guilty characters play wildly different from another even though they’re all on the same engine.


“Everyone in GG plays the same” -> stupidest shit from someone who obviously never played the game I have ever read.

Every character in GG has a unique play style.

Melty Blood really shines here. Hops, double jumps, super jumps, air dashes, more air dashes, air super jumps, and air dodging! I can’t think of any game except maybe Arcana Heart that has as much aerial movement as Melty does.

Although KoF’s jump system is pretty unique and interesting in it’s own right too.

In a way SF really helps me be a better Blazblue/Marvel player. Feeling so restricted at times in SF only having your unblockable jump/s.jump being able to instant air dash + double jump, or jump attack xx jump feel so free. I have to play BB from time to time just so I dont overload on SF’s system.

Why would I ever want to SJ attack my opponent, the time from leaving the ground to striking the opponent on the way down is very long obviously. Is it again because I’m dropping down at a similar angle to a (closer) regular jump which would require a different AA, like a regular jump requires a different AA to a hop.

As in Jump/Superjump are the same but at different distances like Hop/Hyperhop are the same but again longer/shorter distances.

This makes a bit of sense if you don’t have an air dash but why would I ever SJ if I could regular jump > airdash like I can in BB?


you dont’ super jump in KOF. its there but honestly you’re not gonna just stand there and super jump from full screen or you are just asking for trouble. run in or hyper hop all day.