(Hopefully) easy question on a Virtua Stick mod

Hey guys, sorry if some of the terminology is off as I am new to this stuff mostly.

As some of you know, I am modding my Saturn Virtua Stick (model HSS - 0136) by installing Sanwa buttons and stick. My specific question is on the wiring of the buttons, since the stick came stock with a sort of button adapter that was cut to lay directly beneath the button layout with the stock buttons.

There are 9 solder points that lead from the controller PCB to the button adapter. There are 8 buttons, so what I am wondering is where the 9th point comes from/what it is, etc. I would guess this is the ground, I just don’t know where to wire it if that’s the case.

Pic 1: A close-up shot of the soldering points that came from the controller PCB


Pic 2: A shot of the soldering points on the controller PCB


Sorry for the blurriness. Thanks guys :smiley:

Its ground. If you want to be sure, take a multimeter, set it to Ohms, and put one probe on that spot (on the solder, not on the green). If you take the other probe and touch random solder points of the buttons, you should find there is one point on each button that shows almost no resistance to that point, while the other point shows infinite resistance.

Thanks, I thought it might be the ground. Would I wire this to any one of the Sanwa buttons’ ground switch? I’m not sure what to wire it to…

you have to daisy chain it to every button i believe