Hop forward ultra 2 possible?

Been in training mode trying to pull this off, I can’t seem to get it even without the cross-up. Is this possible? Anyone who can do it wanna share some insight on the motion? I think it’d be a pretty sweet thing to do if you see a jump in to hop forward and do the PPP version.


I couldn’t do it too. But I suck at execution anyways =D

Just pulled it off. Timing seems to be the exact same as ultra 1. Only thing is, if you cross them up and do it, you get EX up ball…=/


Sweet just got the KKK to come out when crossing them up. You have to do the motion slightly later. I actually double up to get it out, I can’t do it without the extra motions for some reason.:

Charge :db: -> :df::lk::mk::hk: -> :db::df::db::df::db::uf: :lk::mp::hk:

You’re making this considerably harder than it needs to be.
You can get the hop with D/F + KKK. So you don’t need any straight forward input, the motion you need is:
Charge D/B. D/F + KKK, D/B, U+KKK or U+PPP.

–Jay Snyder

Thanks Pasky, I’ll go try it out later =) Hope we can find a good use for it in battle.

That was actually a typo on my part.

Just pulled this off in a real match, pretty nifty for rog rushes if you can anticipate them. But then again, hopping through a rog rush is pretty risky. I was just goofing around with this shenanigan.


I use Hop-> PPP U@ to catch neutral jumps and jump backs in the corner. I don’t do this very often though and it takes some pretty solid reactions.

I also use it to punish whiffed upercuts. The PPP version will catch them while they are still in the air.

I usually just throw rog out of his dash punches and use the 50/50 ultra I. I just don’t find ultra II that worth while vs balrog…yet.

Also don’t see much use for hop ultra II unless it is to catch someone jumping back.

Ya, I’m starting to see it isn’t very worthwhile. Like DeLucifer said you need some damn good reactions to catch them with hop forward U2 PPP. The KKK is definitely not useful during a hop unless you’re hopping forward to punish a huge whiff like a dragon punch or hopping away to chip and sure they can’t punish.

Crossup corpse hop ultra to catch tech/poke attempts may work. But ultimately not worth the risk in my opinion.

If you do that, they can block the first hit or worse, you mistimed the meaty and then they’re right next to you to punish. Bad idea.