Hong Kong SF3.3 3on3 video

part 1


Nice… but where are parts 2 and 3?

out soon

Thanks for putting this up, I’ll comment on it when it’s done.

I’m going 40 kbps. :wasted:

Edit: Now I’m at 100.

Holy shit match videos with Sean!!!

…beating Ken :pray:

Nice matches.

LOL, I wonder if that’s the same Sean that got beasted by 12 in that old, huge HK 3s tourney. Well anyway, props to that Sean, but he would of beasted hard if he was play in pink.

nice. sean is actually beasting…for a while.

Would anyone mind reseeding this?

Edit: oops… just took a few mins to get started up. Thanks!

that was a sick alex (I didn’t know hyper-bomb was still played over SII ;[)

Yeah lotsa off the wall super selection in HK. I like it.

plus Hyperbomb is underrated imo. maybe since it was a team tourney ppl were being moral liberal w/ super select

Yeah they got whacky super selection done there. Ibuki super art I and Dudley super art 2 come to mind.

can i download this without a torrent?

where is this arcade…?

any vid without BTing?
I got no BT yo… :slight_smile:

Yeah I want to know as well.

Is it the one in Wan Chai or Shai Tin?

goddamnit still no answer =(

I can’t get any of the vids from part 2 to play FTW?!!

c’mon seeders! where you guys at?