Honey Matches at evo 2k5

Yes, it’s plain and simple. Honey Matches, get your cake up. More details coming soon…

so much honey its hiveing

Sound Sweet.


Dipset Hooks vs. XX hooks winner doubles in hooks whats good?

Shit nigga, I be all up in these matches with my Winnie the Pooh game face and stomach on. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

bagnus under pozzles sn

do any of you even know wtf a honey match is?

Also if anyone wants to get served i will be backing bill fucking wellman on dance challenges(not ddr) the boy got moves(no homo)

i saw him on that one show dance 360. tag ya man

I’ll back law 5 that guy has got the moves NO MO.

Aight BED IT… Are they gonna battle? or just show off their shit and let the people be the judge

Honey Matches???

So the winner takes the losers Broad??? :party:

I got MOney ON BILL!!!

Exactly. Shit is getting serious.

Bill got those moves like turbo and ozone