Honest & legit defense of LowTierGod and evidence of the unfair S he gets

Explained in under 3 minutes, the lengths these trolls go to harass LTG daily. Not sure they can even be called “trolls”, more like mentally disturbed persons. I know the things LTG has done, but these trolls do far worse and go way too far, and beyond. Just honestly letting everyone know the situation here…

The video ain’t even show everything. These people literally have a Discord channel for tolling LTG…

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This shit again? Can we not? Do people not know making duplicate threads of a thread that was closed by mod is a potential permanent ban offense?


This isn’t a duplicate thread. The video basically shows how one group of people steal LTG’s photos from his facebook, record his calls with his girlfriend, steal his family photos, research his address, make “compliation videos”, etc. then using these things to make fun of LTG, and get 60K views on youtube from it.

If he made them public…oh well.

Which he himself said was from his public stream…oh well.
Don’t stream yourself talking to your s/o.

If he is putting them out there on public platforms…oh well again

I’ll admit that is scummy.


If a real crime is happening, report it to the authorities instead of wasting time posting about it on a forum. If it isn’t then none of us here really care that much.


Stfu you bitchmade white knight.


Nobody cares and none of GD’s or SRK’s concern.

You make another one of these and I’m nuking your account.