Honda tech not alot of people know about thread!

Just wanted to expand my knoledge of little randon tech that helps. can be combos counter hit combos setups char. specific tech things posted on srk that are hidden in threads and such.

Ill start with some little things that begginer hondas should know that i see get blown up for not knowing. when rufus is dk pressuring time jump back roundhouses correctly to stuff the pressure completly. against alot of characters with bad wakeup options after an ochio throw a dash up cr.short is a great meaty setup. against dhalsim you can os a headbutt into a buffered hhs to punish backdash and put him in the corner. great for positioning in that hellish matchup.

… continue with random techhh

close fierce is my favourite normal in the game. It’s also a really good meaty option after oicho as it beats jumps and most backdashes. If it hits you can confirm into jab hp hands or jab ex hands, or even jab xx ex headbutt. It is 0 on block and you can tick into oicho again.

It also trades with all ryus non ex wake up dps.

just discovered some nice tech this morning on my final battle before hitting A Rank… another use of st. FP actually to keep the trend going. A lot of Shotos when cornered use air tatsu to escape which is really annoying because you cant punish the landing (because he lands too far away), but I have discovered that the vertical hitbox of st FP is huge and you will catch the very bottom of their feet when he is passing over your head. so when they are cornered it is actually a great time to use st FP as an anti air because that is the best time to walk up and poke with cr lp meaning you’re likely to lose charge and also they are twice as likely to jump in this situation to escape the corner and now you have a way to deal decent damage on counterhit and put them back in the corner and on tilt. i discovered it by accident i messed up the input for EX Headbutt thinking he was doing a standard jump in, so it actually lines up perfect with the timing for a normal jump in.

dont know if you guys have seen the guile auto-correct tech by cancelling pre-jump frames into his flash kick but i am thinking honda can do the same with his buttsplash, could help the wakeup game a bit in certain situations (like blanka)

counter hit cr. strong can combo into cr. jab and cr. short. (block strings like cr. short, cr. strong, cr. jab can potentially lead into decent damage if you land the couterhit).

Counter hit cl. fierce can combo into u1 if hits ULTRA meaty on Sagat and T. Hawk (probably gief too but this is so hard i can’t remember ever landing it on him). This is the most impractical fun-fact I know about honda.

This png is incredibly valuable. It’s from super but still works. big_hawk might spot a few errors in there but I used it at a tourney this past weekend in MA (fenway fight series) and got top 16 for the first time ever. bookmark it on your phone browser and check it before your match.

Honda’s sweep is +2. If you’re feeling risky/frisky, throw it out after a blocked/hit crossup/jumpin/or after a knockdown. If it hits, wiff cr. jab for safe jump (j.roundhouse, j.fierce, or crossup j. forward). If it gets blocked you can use cr. jab xx hhs for potential combo damage or chip/pressure. You can also do an instant command grab immediately after the blocked sweep for an awesome throw setup.

I also do the same thing with meaty cr. forward. It’s 0 on block but it fools people often. cr. forward, command grab is awesome.

cl. (&far) jab, cl. strong, cl. short, and cr. short are all +2 or more on block. When you do a cr. jab after any of these you’re frame-trapping your opponent. cancel into hhs and you’re doing good chip or good damage. do this. you’ll land extra damage all the time. (also with all these + frames you should think about incorporating normal throws into your mixup. with all of these safe jumps in the honda threads you’ll be buttslamming everyone around you in REAL LIFE).

You can combo cr. jab after cl. roundhouse on 1/4 of the cast. it’s also +1 on block. try it on gouken.

What do you guys think of Honda’s st cl MK normal ?

I think is a very underated move and Honda’s best close normal. It has 5 frames start up (fastest than any other cl normal), a HUGE vertical hitbox (like a shield in front of honda), deals good damage (90 dmg) and is special cancelable.

I use it on wakeup pressure sometimes…

Very good stuff. I also think Honda’s normal throws are way underused.

What are the characters cl Hk - cr lp xx hands works on ?

Didn’t really think this image was worth a new thread, but I do consider it ‘tech not a lot of people know’ since there are no hitboxes available for the buttslam while rising on eventhubs.
Anyways, I downloaded the hitboxes files from the hitbox torrent (available here on SRK) and now I think I finally understand why Honda rubs so much against opponents who neutral or back jump.

Besides his body, Honda’s head is also covered by this solid yellow box that takes up a physical space.
It will deny characters moving through his head the same way characters can’t walk through you when you stand or walk around.
The red hitbox is right behind the yellow box so that’s the reason why characters tend to rather be pushed or rubbed aside when they neutral jump without sticking a limb out.

I stroked the red and yellow box for it to be more viewable.

I have more gif images of most of his specials and moves, not sure if I should post it, though.
Personally, I find it rather interesting and handy to know how his hurtboxes behave after your poke’s active frames.

That is some very interesting stuff, Angerus. For a long time I thought the reason why Splash rubs the opponent is because the hitbox is too small. So in the end there’s nothing wrong with the hitbox. Good stuff.

I am very interested in more gifs/ images you have. I only have access to eventhubs hitboxes, but they don’t show Honda moving.

Also, can you tell me where to get that torrent ?

@Emanuelb : The link is posted and available by Gutabo in the ssf4 hitbox data thread; SSF4 Hitbox Data

Gutabo’s torrent link:
(!Alert! The link directs to thepiratebay, just an fyi.)

The gif Images I compiled are a bit large and around 1-3 mb each, I wish I could post it here with spoilers so I wouldn’t fill up entire screens with it, but I can’t.
So, I’ll provide you with a link to a thread of mine in another forum, if you want to take a look.

‘It all makes sense now!’ - E.Honda Hitboxes
So far I’ve done crouching normals, all specials (minus oicho), super, Ultra 1 and Focus Attack.
I still have to do standing (close & far) normals, jump normals and his taunt.

These are Super edition hitboxes, though.

Thank you, man. One request, if you don’t mind: could help me with the seeding ? There’s no seeded for the torrent right now.

Yea sure, no problem

I’m done, finnished the download. Thank you, man.

No problem~

I’m not sure if this is widely known, but today I discovered you can utilize the juggle point of the while rising part of buttslam.
If you do an AA EX buttslam on floaty characters or very early on normal characters their jump in the corner, then sometimes only the while rising part will hit and the 2nd part of the slam will whiff.
Upon landing, you then have a good amount of time to combo into ex headbutt or ultra 1.

(for funzies, I was able to do EX headbutt > Ultra 1 on a Dhalsim doing nj.LP)

EX Headbutt isn’t completely invincible against throws


Honda can Trade Option Select into his Ultra 1


I haven’t figured out good solid setups yet, though

yeah trade os into u1 is pretty well known but i cant find a use for it. hah yeah all headbutts have ground frames i have been hit by it enough times to know :slight_smile: actually usefull in honda mirror if he wakeup ex headbutt you can meaty oicho ! is a good AA to beat air attacks that have vertical hitboxes or dive attacks in general.

  • One of Honda’s valuable tools to keep M.Bison out if you have no meter and don’t want to trade with his j.HP. fs.MK beats it clean if spaced well
  • I also use it against all versions of T.Hawk’s condor dive if I have no charge, am too scared to jump and he seems to have the tendency to condor dive right at my feet.
  • All of Yang’s divekicks on reaction (but you can litterally use all other normals, his divekick is a joke and slow)
  • All of Yun’s divekick. I used to fs.HP all of yun’s divekicks, but fs.HP is a bit too slow and I prefer to react AA it with fs.MK
  • Seth’s dive if used outside of range
  • Gen’s dive
  • Vega’s EX FBA and all his sky high claw attacks, but not his jumping attacks
  • Not Rufus

I haven’t tested this yet on Cammy or any other character with a dive, but I’ve seen Mike Ross try and attempt to AA K-Brad’s cannon strikes.

point of reference on how effective it is on Gen:



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