Honda RC 360 x N

Why don’t Honda players just abuse that RC 360 like Mago did in SBO2 and just do RC 360 on their wake up all the time (except for some supers of course but basically meaning most of the time)? It seems like a real cheap and easy way to win.

In order to try it, you need to knock the opponent down. Therefore, it’s not an easy way to win.

RC elec is an easy way to win.

If timed to beat reversal moves or blocking, RC ochio can be thrown on wakeup.

If Timed to beat throw attempts, the grab will either whiff if they dont’ do anything or will lose to some uppercut (i.e. Jab DP will hit with the last part)

Not to mention, any stationary level 3 (Ryu’s Hurricane kick) will beat RC’s.

And they just can jump back.

Not a free win, for sure.

Actually IIRC you RC 360 wont get hit by DPs and you can block anything afterwards because it recovers in 3 frames, and RC invincability lasts for much longer.
And the 360 is supposedly faster then normal throws.

you can’t get grabbed for a small window after getting up, during that window you can throw them back, what renegade said is right… but in all practical uses RC 360 is totally safe so it doesn’t really matter

Well I was planning on just doing that forever when I use Honda but now that I know it’s not as foolproof as I thought, can I have some Honda tips? I know some basics…s.fp for AA, RC handslaps to move in and do guard damage,RC headbutt for AA as well.

honda is fucking cheap, BUT I LOVE HIM SO MUCH <333

Those are forced guesses Honda puts on you as you get up.

Whoever says to just jump back or just throw the RC grab as you get up has the wrong mindset is not going to last two minutes against a good Honda player.

Honda will start doing meaty d.LP, meaty s.MP, Level 2 super, or RC hands on you then. Jumping back or throwing as you get up counters none of those options. Even just blocking the d.LP and trying to jump away then, Honda’s d.LK xx Headbutt will get you. A-Honda is the worse because if you guess jump back as you get up and Honda guessed RC Hands. ching! Honda bitchsmacks you for 8000 damage. The RC 360’s Honda can do on you then as you get up are practically FREE whenever he has full meter and there’s nothing you can do about it. :bluu:

If guess jump straight up, come down with a combo worked, I wouldn’t complain so much, but Honda can even shut you down then with whiff 360, pork chop attack. If that wake-up game isn’t cheap, easy, and for morons then I don’t know what is.

Nobody here needs any Honda tips as far as I’m concerned.

Pick Zangief. I think RC grief handles honda really well.

If you were 100% perfect on timing and execution, so as you could RC 360 at will, theorhetically, you could RC 360 and s.jab and never be able to be thrown or hit.
If you repeated those two moves, you would be invinceable.
Because RC 360 recovers so quickly, the s.jab will still have the invinceability from the RC.
RC 360 beats other roll cancels and early attempts at throws. (because it is a throw, and so quick)
s.jab beats throws attempted after whiff 360.

So… theorhetically, Honda is the best character in the game.

… Yeah, lets see you try it.

I sincerely dount that the st jab has invincibility from the RC.

once the 360 animation is over honda’s invincibility runs out. the jab will not be covered. there are plenty of people who can RC360 very well, and this would have been done already if it were that easy.

go experiment a little with RC360 yourself, it’s not easy to get the stick back to the block position after the whiff animation and you often get hit even if you RC. for example go into training mode and try RCing 360 through jab fireballs and you’ll see that a lot of them will hit you when they’re halfway through you.

dude, the whiffed animation from the 360 + the entire frame count from the jab is longer than the invulnerability from a RC because a RC is about 15 frames of invulnerability (see buktooth systems faq) and the jab itself is 4/6/6 crouching or standing. youre going to run out of invulnerability in the middle of the jab and thus punched in the grill by some move with high priority.

it’s been discussed already, you can punish a whiffed rc 720 (meaning the invul runs out during the whiff)

Has anyone ever done…wake up low jump RH (like with Sagat) to counter the RC 360?

once. in japan. otherwise, no.

Is it really hard to do?

??? R u Sure>?? i always (almost everytime) beat level 3 (Ryu’s Hurricane kick) with rc electric & Sakura’s rc Hurricane kick…

You sure it’s the super version? I think you mean the RH version, which is just qcb. Super is qcb, qcb + K. It’s impossible to RC through that super. Remember super =/= special.

… make it clear, i always beat the K-Groove Ryu’s Lvl.3 Hurricane kick with rc electric…

is it a super version?? :xeye: