Honda... Another hidden top tier

Hello, I am having trouble with honda, his head but seams unpunishable…
I often use ryu, ken, sakura, chun, kyo, iori, teri, and blanka…
Help, my noob self

I wouldn’t say Honda is quite top tier, definitely not a bad character, and is a very hard fight if you are not familiar with his fighting style. Best advice is to turtle back. He headbutts, you jump kick the bitch in the head. Try and do anything to make honda lose his charge, such as throw a fireball or something, after he loses his charge, then you can proceed to try and little rushdown. It should be very obvious that supers/DPs beat out headbutts so for go those too.

RC Headbutts alot. RC Honda Hands alot. Don’t more the joystick from down/back unless they make a punishable mistake. It(head butt) is also very punishable by K groove.

Against headbutt

C groove - air block at last minute, punish
K groove - JD, punish
P groove - parry, punish
N groove - counter roll, punish
S groove - dodge, punish
A groove - RC psycho crusher, RC electricity, or RC fireball

… what do you mean, there are other characters in A groove?

pfft… honda suck monkey balls…

Yeah he still has those headbutts that are somewhat hard to punish, but the guy lost alot of priority is his zones. Get inside and he pretty much done cause you can stuff most of his moves.

Just sit that shit out…

wtf last two evo’s crazy turtle honda cracks the top ten:eek:


that is all.

you don’t have to be very good to beat a head butt happy honda. just pick Hibiki, and punish any blocked headbutt with QCF+MP. just keep an eye on his meter, i think a level 3 will hit you even if your QCF+P hits him.

look at evo2k2 tokido with honda X_x he was tutling and then every time rc headbutt, he never did anything else, well once or twice 360 grab…

until now, i just relized the dvds shoryuken is selling is evo2k2 not 2k3
how long will it take to make the ones for 2k3?

look in post evolution 2003 aftermaft or whatever, like 3 forums below the strategy zone, they just said just another 2 weeks :D:D:D

evo2k2 was a long time ago. The game has evolved. If Tokido tried that again, he would likely be eliminated in the 1st round.

he was ahead of everybody at that time, u gotta give him credits =)

Mago did the same thing in 2k3, but added RC slappy.

The game has evolved.
But Neanderthall beatdowns havent changed.

Headbutts are fun!

Whats up with honda…
you guys know he can jump in the air, and hit fierce. While the fierce is out you can control how he moves while in the air… Either forwards or backwards…

Honda is the only character that i know can do this!!!

That was implemented in ST because up until super all Ryu/Ken had to do against Honda was throw a fireball and footsweep him when he jumped diagonally over the fireball (this was before tripguard was designed).

Balrog can also control his jump in this way.

incredable, just those 2 people?

Rolento off his wall jump.

And thats fucked up i didnt know about that controlling jump thing… maybe cuz i never use those 2 characters… how much change can you make in his trajectory??