Homeless Man Helps Robbery Victim Only To Be Ignored By Pedestrians As He Lay Dying


Now I’m fully aware of the Bystander Effect, but I would at least think the woman he tried to save would at least try to see what happened to the man, terror aside.

Why do people believe in karma again?

In other news:

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Easily summed up with the phrase “No good deed goes unpunished.”, yet people love to think others should come rushing to their aid :rofl:(just try browsing through the false rape society’s comments on any one of their stories)

Don’t worry, man. I’m sure the stabber is coming back for all of them. :sad:

The priest’s sermon in the beginning of Boondock Saints sums this up perfectly. I fucking hate most of society.

He got what he deserved, fucking up a perfectly good mugging. Must have thought he was Super Bum, or Kick Ass.


New York is probably one of the worst places in the world when it comes to this. This is the coldest city on the planet. People have gotten out of touch with humanity. There are no real men in this world anymore. People need to step their shi’t up or the world is going to go down the drain very soon. This happens way too often. Everyone these days is obsessed with the myth of “security” and being “safe”…

That was fucked up how that one dude shook him, then was like “Oh, well” and kept going.

what a sad world we live in…also FYI, No comment is a comment…

Renegade +10

And considering what New Yorkers have been through, you would think they would at least show some compassion at times when it really counts.

No No Comment.

He was laying in a way that made it hard for anyone to notice he was stabbed. The few people who did notice him were probably thinking something along the lines of:

“Is he okay? Maybe he has some sort of tummy ache.” Or any number of other reasons.

The reason these stories spread like wildfire on national tabloids is that people love the idea of living in a world where they are “morally superior” to everyone else. I’m certain the people who walked past him used to say the same stuff everyone in this thread is saying.

No, you’re not, because this has nothing to do with the Bystander Effect. NYC government is corrupt and if you would try to help that man then everything would be dumped on you. The police might accuse you of being involved but regardless you would have to file reports and if the issues get taken to court then you would have to be present and that would just waste your time and add stress to your everyday work schedule. Even in legit cases, if you help someone and they can’t afford the medical bill you get stuck with the bill. It’s common sense in NYC to stay away from trouble.

Not a bad post for a kid.

Common sense? I would gladly take a court trip to save the guys life. I don’t know where the Hell you get your “common sense” from. You’re thinking about it too much and throwing out a shi’t load of theory. This is what happens. People hesitate and let negative thoughts fill their head. Then they look around, see that no one is looking, then run away like little pussies.

Oh sure you could say that for the incidences 30-40 minutes later (can’t tell how much blood was visible from the footage), but according to the article there were witnesses during and after the incident.

And really, no excuse for the douches who just took photos with their cellphones, obviously they weren’t unaware that there was something amiss.

I agree with Hara, most people will say “I would have done something!” but just do NOTHING when they’re faced with a real situation. They freeze up, it happens. And yes White Shadow, after all that NYC has been through, I would expect a little more from the people here…

No, I’m talking from experience and I always used to think it’s always best to get involved and help people but now I know better.

Genovese effect (family name ftw!)

On a side note, I was thinking this just two nights ago. I was downtown with some friends and we passed a sleeping homeless person and I literally said “You know, we wouldn’t be able to tell if she was dead or not until long after she actually was.” Granted, she wasn’t lying in a pool of blood but you get the idea. Sad to see people care so little that they’d stop to take a picture of a corpse but wouldn’t take the time to call for help. I could understand their simple curiosity if there were paramedics and such around him but if there is no one around and you just look for a minute and then leave, you really should be rethinking that notion of believing yourself to be a human being.

Well, I’m talking from experience as well. So you fall once and give up? Shi’t happens, be responsible. Being a responsible adult is the rent you pay for living on this planet. I’m not bashing you personally, it’s just society in general adapts this protective, counter productive mentality and this is what generations ahead of us will me doomed with http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/000943.htm

I think it all depend on the location and the mentality of growing up in certain location. For, example a week ago my mom friend son and his fourteen year old boy drown in a lake. It was a freak accident that the son fell into the water and the dad went after the son and both couldn’t swim. From what I heard the people that saw the accident call 911 and got in their boat and try to save them both. I don’t know nothing about NY so I can’t judge the people that live there.