Holding 2nd pcb board in place

Hey guys, I plan on dual modding my HRAP 2 sa with another pcb board. I was wondering what sort of adhesive or glue one would use to hold the 2nd pcb board in place. Thanks in advance

Close to the bottom are “PCB Feet”. I haven’t tried them yet - but I plan on giving them a shot soon (or as soon as LL catches up with backorders!) I’m pretty sure someone else should carry them if you need them sooner than 2 to 3 weeks.


I like to use something like this with zip ties.

They’re real easy to use, no mess like with glue. Not permanent , so when the xbox 720 or 1080 comes out, you can cut the zip tie and drop in your new pcb.

I would get those if the wait wasnt 2 to 3 weeks. Hopefully they will catch up on orders soon. Guess I have to be patient

Those seem like a cheap solution and worth a shot, ill try them out. Thanks for the suggestion Masturfader

Sticky-back Velcro is my universal answer to mounting pcbs in any stick mod.