HNK - Advanced Combos and Strategy for Kenshiro

i’m going to call the button layout as lp, hp, lk, hk, boost, and taunt.

only combos i know so far:

c lk, c lk, c lk, c hk, srk lk.
c lk, c lk, c lk, hp, qcf hk, instant air dash… into?

i’ve noticed when you have boost and someone is blocking footsies that you can bait them to attack w/ slow recorvery and boost.

i.e., i was playing a friend of mine and i did this:

() = blocked
bdash = boosted dash
ndash = normal dash

(c lk, c lk, c lk, hp) bdash (c lk, c lk) ndash (c lk, c lk, c hk) delay bdash into combo that connected.

any tactics, combos, and strategy would be greatly appreciated. :lovin:

ok i only messed around with him but here is one for ya,,, bdash,,, bdash,,, Hk, Hk, 41236 Hk, (in air) lp, lk, hp, 236 236 lp special (let them bounce off ground first though should be about 17 hits give or take since the beam is about 8 hits or so ) that can also link into Fatal KO,,,, qcf+hk, (jump cance/instant air dash) j.hp,, qcf+hk, sj.lp,, sj.lp,, (wait), qcfx2+lp, dp+lp

here are a few i figuired out.
iad= instant air dash


^very sexy?

another that works well and stuns if they don’t stop.

d,d,236d,iad,c,d,d,236d,iad,a,c,c+d,a+b boosted, d,d,236d,iad,c,d,d,236d,iad,a,c…

they should be stunned midway into the second set.

corner throw:


corner throw into instant kill:

cr.a,c,a+c,d,236d,iad,a,c,IK. lol :slight_smile:

Why don’t you guys put this stuff in the wiki its much easier to see all the stuff at once.

i’m not sure how to. can you explain more or leave a link.

You guys need to differentiate between close and far D because close D does NOT combo into 236D.

whatever to 2D (boost if necessary) > AC, far D XX 236D IAD into phatness. If you can’t hit that for some reason, 2B > 2B > 2D XX 623B/D is a decent combo if you have no boost or super.

2B > 2B XX 236CE > 6CDE6 into corner combo.

i figure if it doesn’t combo then it’s common sense to not be retard and wonder what i’m talking about… also… d,d… it’s a target combo. self explanitory. if they are in a air juggle d, 236d combos. which i’m sure you know. i’m not going to type extra shit for newb’s if they are wondering why it doesn’t work and they can’t figure it out by theirselves they deserve to be retarded.

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