Hm...two things

First off, playing with my friend Eric earlier tonight and found something pretty weird with K Cammy vs Sagat.

If Cammy should down JD Sagat’s at point blank range, the 2nd hit will whiff and she will get an absolutely free throw. The reason why the throw is free is because even if Sagat tries to cancel into something (dp, super) the game auto blocks for Cammy, and Sagat cannot tech because he is in recovery of a move. This is particularly interesting because if not JD’ed Cammy must always block both hits of the I personally didn’t know JDing changed your hitbox at all.

Second thing, I’ve been playing this game since 2003 and I was always under the impression you had to be standing to tech throws, well I was wrong. You can just tech by pressing fierce/roundhouse from down/back. No wonder it’s so hard to offensively throw people in this game unless they are completely and utterly resigned to blocking…This discovery has kinda made me dislike the game more.

yeah, go back to playin shitty ass 3s.

good find tho :tup:

3s has its issues too.

I’m actually learning Guilty Gear currently.

Slayer is pretty fun.

Good info! Too bad you dislike cvs2 though.

LOL, didn’t i tell you that on irc like 2 months ago. I think we were talking about the throw systems in 3s, cvs and st. But yea, that’s why it’s so hard to throw sagat. He gets option select c.fierce/tech throw.

Wow I didnt know about the fact that you can throw break while holding a direction. I thought you had to be in neutral.

With JDing it kinda makes the next attack whiff if its fast enough.

Because when you JD the game kinda “lags” so to speak. The game lags but the attack doesn’t if its already input, or, the next coming attack is fast. The animation comes out, but the hitbox slows down kinda. This makes the JD input double I believe. This is why when you swear that you attacked, but you got thrown, but you see it come out.

Example (IIRC - This happened YEARS ago like '03)
Try JDing Saks CC. For every 1 JD, 2 hits get JDed, because the CC hits are really fast, the game inputs the other JD i guess. I dunno JD info or numbers, this is just from practice and observation, which is why I gave the example.

But I believe with the Cammy/Sagat example. The st. short was fast enough that the game/hit detection slowed down but the animation didn’t, which is why its a free throw.

since JDing doesnt push you back, im pretty sure what’s happening is that the hitbox on the 2nd hit of s.short is past cammy at that point

also, s.shorts from point blank range arent all that hot, might as well do low shorts instead

yes, you can tech throws from a crouch with hp or hk, but that just makes it even easier to counter hit the other guy for mashing

Yes, I do know low shorts are way better as a meaty, I just found it pretty interesting.

can’t you tech throws when you’re crouching in 3s…or any other capcom game for that matter (that has tech throws)?

trying to do meaties against someone in k groove will get you killed…unless its a quick jab…any short=free throw…

yeah but thats kind of interesting that it whiffs…i never use standing shorts in close with cammy i use em to keep her out and space but up close i can see how it’d get you punished

3S you have to stand to tech throws. Not Cvs2

I think most players Never learnd about MASHING FP.

It will get you Killed by players who know how to punish Mashers.

MASHING IS no Good in CVS2.

“See the throw” then “tech”. Dont mash. Somebody should explain mashing in CVS2.

I learnd about mashing threw a friend who stayed in Japan for a year. I know my game has improve because of his knowledge.:rolleyes:

No, you can crouch tech also in 3s, and it’s a huge part of the game, I just didn’t think you could in cvs2.

Option select? like tapping down(to parry) be for you Makoto command grab?

I did not know you could hold “Down Back” and “tech” a throw at the same time in 3rd?

My 3s knowledge is lacking.

I mean, it’s kind of an option select but its the same principle as cvs2, only because when you press jab+short in 3s, jab takes priority, so when you crouch tech you get a jab instead of a throw whiff. However, I like the way it works more in that game because of the universal parry, c.jab’s can always be parried high or low, and it’s usually a free combo for the other character if the c.jab was parried(even chun), so throws actually offensively work in that game. (also generally most normals are much slower, so it can be more difficult at times to purely counterhit a throw attempt, add that to the fact throws also beat guess parries 100% of the time, throws are much more useful offensively in that game.)

Also, you MUST late tech if you crouch tech, it is tighter timing as opposed to if you had tried to tech normally.

If your playing K groove with meter raged Sagat.

Throw Throw Throw just like Chun li In 3s.

Then Fake like your going to throw then Short Short super.

Or Stay out side of throw range. If the try to crouching short your throw attempt then JD low to super/ uppercut.

Throw with meter. Throws are really good in this game too. Throws seem to work better with meter though.

is there any capcom game you cant tech a throw from crouch?
any 2D fighter at all?

edit: sup noodleman. stop sweeping me plz.

Did some testing. You can in the Alpha series, you can in ST, and Gem Fighter too, maybe you can in all Street Fighter games (that actually allow you to tech throws).