Hitbox problem

Hi huys I have one big issues. I have ps4/pc hitbox and I play on PC. It works fine with GGxrd and USF4, but it dont works with SFV. In SFV all buttons dont work(in menu too). What can i do? Thx for answers

It won’t work until the game is patched to support Dinput devices.

Use the sticky threads and do some research next time.

Wait for dinput support in SF5 or use X360CE.

How much time to wait? X360ce is OK with ps4 hitbox?

X360ce will work with any direct input controller, so yes.

Is really hard x360ce to setting. Sint there other software?

No. You open the software, set the buttons using a graphic of an XBOX 360 controller, save the settings and then copy the xinput dll and x360ce ini files to the same directory with the games executable.