Hitbox not responding - please help

Hi everyone newbie here. I just recently received my new hitbox for the PS4 today and I was getting the 8 minute issue where it would freeze up, I didn’t realise it was a common bug, but I went to download the firmware to fix it even knowing it was for the hit boxes prior to June 2016, I was trying to fix the bug. Now my hitbox is completely unresponsive. I plug it in the PS4 and hit the home button and it’s not responding. Even restarted the PS4 multiple times. Still no luck. Only found this website by chance while looking for a fix. There’s nothing on the website that addresses this issue

Dude make sure you download the firmware for the PS3/PS4 Brook board, not UFB (Universal Fighting Board) . That’s the only thing I can think of you may have done. If that doesn’t work try plugging it into a PC and see if it registers as a controller and what type. Let us know how it goes. Later.

Thanx 4 the reply dude. Did u mean from the brook accessory Website? I’m there now. Do I download PS3PS4 Fighting Board file? There’s a few here not sure which one

Oh my god it worked thank u so much dude yeh I probably downloaded that ufb one wen I first updated it the other day Thank u so much much appreciated

Where u live so I can give u hug lol jokes

No worries man. Glad you’re up and going. Now start perfecting that Hitbox execution! LOL

I spoke too soon what a bummer. The PS4 is picking up the hitbox now when I press the home button, and I can navigate in the PS4 menu, I can even open up apps but the moment I’m in them, no buttons are registering expect for options button, PS4 home button and the share button too. All hit buttons not registering. I’m in street fighter v right now and no buttons are working. The file I downloaded was the PS3/PS4 fighting board firmware. Was correct one yes? At least it’s picking up the hitbox now I must be getting close lol

I guess I spoke too soon again lol so I just read the manual an I was suppose to hold medium punch as I put it in the PS4 lol it is now working awesome. I’m off to a bad start in this forum lol

Oh ok cool.